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Thread: Comrade Oglivy

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    Comrade Oglivy

    How does Winston think about a character such as Comrade Oglivy? Does Winston look up to him or is he just curious of the turnout? Oglivy just seems to be an outgoing guy looking for trouble, curious to see how he has an affect on Winston and the book in general.

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    I believe that Winston portrays Comrade Ogilvy as an ideal party man, who was opposed to sex, and suspicious of everyone. In essence, Winston does not look up to him. This is because Winston invented the person that is known as Comrade Ogilvy, as an ideal party man. As it may be previously known, Winston is not fond of Big Brother, and the inner party because pf their overwhelming control over his life. Ogilvy's effect on Winston will most likely effect his mind, and how he wishes to rebel. It brushes on the fact that Winston knows the truth of history, and most things fed to the public are lies. I doubt that Ogilvy will have an effect on the rest of the book, as he is a character that was invented by Winston, in place of Comrade Withers in the records. He had to substitute the story of Ogilvy in, because Withers was executed as an enemy of the party. Yet, he was praised in his document, as a loyal party member.

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