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    Lightbulb Revolt

    Considering all of the constant oppression and the surveillance the government throws at all the people other than the proles, how do the common people revolt? Do they revolt? I don't see a very clear way of a successful revolt if the proles take up most of the population and they're brainwashed, so I don't see how they can be part of the common people's revolt. How would this work?

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    Since Big Brother doesn't consider the proles to be a threat, and they are not as carefully watched as Party members, this would allow for the people to meet in private and conspire against Big Brother. One way in which Winston could sway the opinions of the proles to be anti-government is by telling them of the constant changes to the past done almost daily, or how no one ever actually wins the Lottery, an incredibly popular prole activity, and it's all a conspiracy.

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    The common people could revolt. If a strong leader could influence the way the proles think they could get them on their side to take out Big Brother. If the Government finds out they could wipe out all the common people who tried to rebel and then erase the truth. It would be very difficult to start a revolt but it still is able to happen. a strong leader could not only get the proles on his/her side with other commoners as important to keep well. Proles and commoners take up the majority so they have the advantage and some people might be crucial to Big Brothers plan so they might not want to execute them all.

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