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Thread: Is it possible that a revolution would happen?

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    Question Is it possible that a revolution would happen?

    In the book Winston believes that one day, even if its not in his lifetime, the people of Oceania will rebel and overthrow the government. But when he goes against the Party by having an affair he gets caught and "cured". Even Julia believed that there was no possible way an organization of rebels could ever exist. Although, if the inner party politicians die and get replaced by new people will those people start to get rid the old polices and create a new government? After all, those new people would probably have to be taught the real history and they may suddenly decide to change the government back to the way it was.

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    Who is to say that future party members would have to be taught "real history". Real history is what the government says it is, the concept of what is real and what is not is all controlled by the government. Future government leaders and party members would not need to know what actually happened because in everybody's eyes what really happened never happened and once the only people who know the truth, being the current party members, die the truth dies with them leaving only the false truth to remain. In conclusion, I believe that future party members would not be taught what actually happened in history rather they would be taught the lies made by current party members making those lies the permanent truth

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