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Thread: Future Teller or Fraud

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    Future Teller or Fraud

    Shockingly many believe that Orwell hit the nail on its head with the predictions of modern day technology and surveillance. the truth is that those who believe that Orwell some how predicted the future are reaching for any connections they can get. From comparing telescreens to cell phones and the party slogans to the slogans of today there is a line that should not be crossed. Although broadcasting the warning signs of rising dictatorships and ways they get people to do what they want. all readers have to remember that this novel is an exaggeration and should not closely be compared to the world we live in today, in total fiction is fiction and truth is truth and there is no need to compare the two so closely.

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    Just because fortune tellers get things wrong doesn't make them a "fraud". That would imply they were deliberating saying something false. I don't think the world today looks like 1984, but I might be wrong.

    Some fortune tellers predict what is already trending, but I already know what is trending. The better fortune tellers predict when a trend will change and how it will change. That is good to know. I expect good fortune tellers to get things wrong every now and then without being a fraud. If they are right more often than not, then I have to take them seriously.

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    I would caution against referring to Orwell as a fortune teller. He does use historical fact and the events of his day to make educated judgement about those things we should worry about. In that vein, we should look more closely at the novel as a warning - a classic dystopian piece of literature.

    Additionally, I would contend that Orwell was on target on dozens of ideas (or warnings) that did we have seen come to fruition.

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