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Thread: Goldstein is a scapegoat for the government

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    Smile Goldstein is a scapegoat for the government

    I found it interesting that Orwell uses Emmanuel Goldstein as a kind of scapegoat. Big Brother blames every wrong thing on Goldstein which gives the Proles a common enemy and increases nationalism by uniting them together. This keeps the Proles in check because they fear Goldstein and the Brotherhood. The scapegoat of Goldstein is a major factor in stabilizing a totalitarian government. Also, Goldstein and the Brotherhood could be questioned if they are or were real at all. The Inner Party could have just made them up in order to create the scapegoat which would favor the idea of a totalitarian government. Another thing I found interesting was that Goldstein was the major point of every Two Minutes Hate meeting.This basically conditioned the Proles and brainwashed them into thinking Goldstein is an enemy. I think that this shows the use of control by the government in order to favor the Inner Party and keep them in power.(Control is the basis of a totalitarian government.)

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    Every dictator needs a scapegoat...someone who can take the fall and become the focus of distraction from the truth or the reality of a situation.

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