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Thread: Mrs. Parsons's Children

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    Mrs. Parsons's Children

    In Mrs. Parsons’s apartment, Winston (the main protagonist) is tormented by the ernest Parsons children who, being Junior Spies, accuse him of thoughtcrime. And as we may know, thoughtcrime is considered by Winston, to be the most unpardonable crime. This of course, makes Winston, nervous and fearful that they could catch him. Do you think Mrs. Parsons's children will cause a threat to Winston in the future? If so, how? Also, who would these children represent in real life? Are they strictly based off of the Hitler Youth, in WWII? Or has George Orwell added in some elements about them that could come to reality in the future?
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    Mrs. Parsons children do cause a threat to Winston due to the fact that they are trained all the way to the deepest parts of their body to find those that commit "thought crime" and go against the government. These children could represent the Hitler youth because of the way Hitler youth acted in their upbringings. George Orwell may have done these children based off of Hitler youth but they widely reflect kids nowadays too. Its reflected by the fact that kids are taught not to bully and to turn in the child bullying so a tiny little joke could turn into a huge problem because the kid getting joked with too it to the adults. just like the spies went to the authorities.

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