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Thread: To the Girl...

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    To the Girl...

    To the girl,
    Whose heart has been crumpled many times.
    Who has suffered many heartbreaks but
    Still have the courage to face another one.
    Who sees good in everyone,
    Trusts everyone,
    Helps everyone,
    And hopes to find someone
    Who will be as good as her some day.

    To the girl,
    Who is full of flaws
    And is ready to accept someone with all his flaws.
    Who is waiting to spread her wings and soar high in the sky
    Only to fall down in the arms of someone who can catch her.
    Who seems to be as strong as a rock
    But has a heart which easily melts.

    To the girl,
    Who is waiting for someone to turn all her dreams into reality
    And do not let her efforts in him go waste.
    Whose life becomes a challenge with every new devil she meets
    But doesn’t let the fire extinguish, burning brightly inside her.
    Who combats with her solitude every night
    Only to see someone not giving up on her.

    Rise up!
    Embrace yourself and free from all your worries.
    Know your worth,
    As you deserve the best.

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    God bless 'that' girl!
    The more i learn more i become aware of my ignorance
    Awareness of ignorance is wisdom

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    Is this only to a girl that this would apply? Perhaps a boy as well? Nice poem.

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    Rise up!
    Embrace yourself and free from all your worries.
    Know your worth,
    As you deserve the best.
    I agree with YesNo ... could apply to either a man or woman.
    Lovely poem,
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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    Heart Touching Poem.

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