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    Mary Shelly's was Mary Wollstonecraft daughter, Wollstonecraft writing was base on experience and what was happening in her world during her time. Do you think the story of Frankenstein has some facts in it such as when Victor isolated himself and was living in a hovel? Victor I think was schizophrenic and delusional and I believe people with mental illness were cast as monsters and evil.

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    Hi Jax, and welcome to LitNet.
    I haven't read Frankenstein (yet), but I agree with your thought that
    I believe people with mental illness were cast as monsters and evil
    I wonder what any of the other LitNetters have to say...
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    Welcome, Jax! I haven't read Frankenstein. Your view of the story seems plausible, but now the evidence needs to be collected from the book and the author's life and environment and organized to justify the view.

    What human beings do is "rationalize" what we already believe to be true more than "reason" without any prior beliefs. This is a good thing. It leads us to new insights faster since we are motivated by our beliefs to find results. I am looking forward to your further views of Frankenstein.

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    Yeah, mostly the history of mental illness is a history of banishments, reclusions, etc that still happen with lesser degree those days. Also, Mary did use a lot of stuff from her time (such as the experiments with eletrictiy at the time and the influence of Rousseau) I just don't see the book with the mental illness theme. If anything, Victor is accountable for his actions.

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