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Thread: A Love Game # 38

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    A Love Game # 38


    Hair of Henna
    Falls untamed
    Over pale flesh
    Stark in contrast
    Like a crimson rose
    Against bridal white


    Tears stung her eyes
    And her voice cracked
    As she remembered
    Her loss hung heavy
    Since he, what?
    Even now she can't say it
    Could not utter the word
    Euphemisms fill her head
    Crossed over, left the world,
    Gone to a better place
    He's in the next room
    Passed away
    Other people can say dead
    But she cannot
    Seven years have passed
    Since it happened, her loss
    And she lost so much
    A husband, lover, friend
    Partner, confident
    And Soul mate
    And even now it hurt
    Though the wound
    Is an old one
    It is still unhealed
    Still vivid red, and angry
    Time is a great healer
    They said to help her
    To comfort her
    But she thinks they lied


    Right from the start
    He lost his heart
    When the gigolo met
    His lovely gigolette
    And Philandered no more
    Now he had his paramour


    The old rustic stile
    At the end of the lane
    Still stands like a memorial
    Marking that special place
    Where the fates conspired
    That our souls should meet
    Though on that day
    We purposely trod opposing paths
    But met at that rustic spot
    And to help you cross
    I took hold of your hand,
    Small and silken soft
    Guiding you safely to my side
    Where you stood on terra firma
    And despite the presence
    Of our companions
    We were to all intents
    Quite alone as we stood
    Hand in hand and in the moment
    When hand touched hand
    We at once beheld
    Our lives from that point on
    Would be forever altered
    Our future journeys
    Would be as fellow travellers
    And we were content
    With a shared destiny

    The old rustic stile
    At the end of the lane
    Stands like a monument
    Marking the place of alteration
    A significant place
    A spiritual place
    A place often revisited
    And on such sojourns
    We find romantic renewal
    As the energizing memory
    Of that special moment
    Of love at first sight
    Assails our senses
    Essentially invigorating
    Like imbibing the waters
    From the fountain of youth
    And our hearts once again
    Resound with joyousness
    Sweet moments of romance
    Those excited tingles
    Of loves first passion
    When hearts beat faster
    And desire courses
    Through every fibre
    The thrill of blossoming love
    Adding to the strata
    Of our love, laid down
    Through all our years together
    So by returning to the place
    Of loves wondrous inception
    We keep our love alive
    And in equal measure
    Love returns the favour


    We walked together in the spring
    When our love was a fresh new thing
    The cherry trees were in blossom
    And we thought life was awesome
    Our hearts were so full we sighed
    But that was before love died

    In the summer we walked together
    In the fine and sunny weather
    Through fields of golden corn
    When we parted we were forlorn
    And felt a burning passion deep inside
    But that was before love died

    In the autumn we walked abroad
    And our hearts were of one accord
    We wandered thought the golden gown
    And nothing could ever get us down
    We felt as one when side by side
    But that was before love died

    When winters chill fell upon the land
    We still walked together hand in hand
    We played in the snow like children
    Making snow angels again and again
    I even asked her to be my bride
    But that was before love died

    We had walked hand in hand
    As a life together we planned
    We sat beneath a leafy oak
    As of everlasting love we spoke
    And we loved, laughed and cried
    But that was before love died

    Now I walk alone in the familiar places
    Where we enjoyed our fond embraces
    Where we kissed and spoke of tomorrow
    Places that now bring me only sorrow
    Her love made me feel alive inside
    But that was before love died

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    I liked "Before Love Died" the best, but they were all nice.

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    I enjoyed all the poems immensely.
    My favorite one would be When Gigolo Met Gigolette. Brilliant!

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