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    years ago

    Years ago and I returned home
    Years ago, I smashed any doors
    Years ago I tripped and lost
    Still my feet having sores
    Asking who comes back and who goes
    None but the sound of my footfalls
    An owl secretly told me
    There is no ocean to swim
    Unless you should go north
    And I stopped to hear a strange echo
    Then I walked step by step
    To north where my father died
    To see the old oak tree was curved
    And the tools of a tillage are still muddy
    Here my sound became faint unusual
    That my slim pen was being sharpened
    And I wrote my verse
    My country is the Home of Honour And
    Without honour I haven't Home

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    Beautiful poem! Verse shaped by life experience.
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    "You can always find something better than death."
    Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, The Bremen Town Musicians

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    I like the idea of one's pen being sharpened by past experience. I also liked that owl but not sure why it answered a question about the ocean in which one could swim although it did lead back to your father.

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