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Thread: Exhibition Hall

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    Exhibition Hall

    In the exhibit of my heart,
    there hangs the work my soul has wrought.
    a golden glow breaking through your hair
    leads into us in your backyard in the early hours,
    save for the sound of our breathing.
    and somewhere in this hall
    I find the rock upon which we basked
    that autumn day,
    silent save for the hush of the stream.
    I can forge these memories into anything.

    I have made of you a sculpture -
    rounded chin cast against the sky,
    thighs taut as a cable,
    forehead smooth as a sea-bathed stone.
    I have made of you a painting -
    a female Bocelli,
    sending praises into the untapped reaches of space.

    today, I shall make of you a poem,
    and the sound of your name in my mind
    is beautiful -

    flowing from my lips
    like a spring of fresh water,
    my heart bathes in the waves
    it leaves in my soul -

    but as I seek the words, all I find
    is the lakeshore by which I stood,
    casting my eyes towards you like a fishing hook,
    angling nothing.

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    I think the heart does bathe in waves. Interesting description in the last stanza of not finding words.

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