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Thread: Liu Xiaobo

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    Enchant Me

    Your very being a desire for answer
    Lament not your unassailable mystery
    Enchant me with your dreams


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    Very sorry to read that. A exemplary life of courage, resistance, intelectual excelence and hardship.
    Four time in prison probably with no family contact. It certainly finished his health.
    I hope he rests in peace at last.
    "You can always find something better than death."
    Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, The Bremen Town Musicians

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    I normally don't pay attention to the winners of these prizes, but I hope he rests in peace as well.

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    Too bad. China is the next great power. They will supplant us. They will keep their racial identity, whereas the west wants nothing more than to obliterate racial distinctions. I am for all races retaining their racial identities, and could not care less if I am pegged a racist or a hater by the unthinking liberal masses for this view. I do not identify with conservatives either. I have my own views, which neither liberals or conservatives tend to like once they know the whole of them, though both like some scattered opinions.

    Sixty million brown and black immigrants in 53 years, was a goal met by liberal globalist American politicians. We already live in a third world country as a result of this. The pie is in the oven, but is not fully baked yet. That is where we stand. These sixty million will all have kids, or already have.

    Make no mistake, the current trend is to bash whiteness. White is evil, white is bad. The colonialists were white. Get them! Liberals wet their pants with joy every time they read about a mixed marriage. So do Chinese officials.

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    He was no real poet. This feels like a political post more than anything. That being said, Litnet is mostly inaccessible from China (the ad banners confuse the censorship and don't let the website load), so I guess it doesn't matter.

    As for China passing anyone, don't worry and don't be fixated.

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