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Thread: Does Ayn Rand piss you off?

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    Some people get pissed with Rand because of the writing: Atlas Shrugged is full of cardboard characters who all believe exactly the same thing and express it in the same way, all echoes of the same boring voice. And they all give long speeches. Droning on and on. The heroine of the tale goes through a series of these men, dumping each as a more philosophically perfect male emerges. Finally she finds the ultimate alpha male hero, who throws her on a sack in a railroad tunnel and gives her the best 20 seconds of sex she has ever had. (Most of Rand's sex scenes are rape fantasies.) And the cliches geeezuss, the cliches.

    Yes/No says:
    "I have seen Rand's books in a left-wing bookstore under the heading "Know Thy Enemy" which I thought was ridiculous, but the bookstore probably needed to make some sales besides selling coffee."

    One bookstore in Seattle (at least) got it right: They put Atlas Shrugged under science fiction.

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    I agree about the cardboard characters. The movie did seem like science fiction with that plane that went into some hidden territory screened by something so the government couldn't find it. I don't remember much of the plot.

    She may be a "selfishness guru" and she may have thought of herself like that for all I know. Again, just based on the movies, the message seems to be one of individualism as opposed to a Big Brother collective of individuals. So it would be a capitalism/communism dichotomy. Both capitalism and communism believe in selfish individuals. One side wants to let them do what they want and the other side wants to institutionalize them as consumers and producers.

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