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Thread: A Love Game # 34

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    A Love Game # 34


    Hair of Mahogany
    Tumbles unchecked
    Over freckled skin
    In perfect complement
    Like forest fronds
    In a dappled glade


    I dreamt last night
    About our night of firsts
    And I saw everything with such clarity
    Though it was many years ago
    All the sights, sounds, tastes, smells,
    And of course, touch
    It was such a special night
    Our night of firsts
    Principally it was our first date
    And the first time we held hands
    It was as I walked you home
    Along the orchard lane
    And then of course
    Beneath the cherry tree
    We shared our first kiss
    On that late spring evening
    When the air was full of perfume
    And we heard the birdsong
    As we gazed into each otherís eyes
    Then our lips touched
    And our fate was sealed
    For at that moment
    On our night of firsts
    We fell in love
    From that moment on
    And all the days of our lives
    Our love has lasted
    And though I am alone now
    And I can only kiss you in my dreams
    When my time comes
    We will meet again
    And we will walk hand in hand
    Along the orchard lane
    And kiss once more
    Beneath the cherry tree


    Why is it that
    Loves temperate flame
    Cools the bearer over time
    Why is it so sweet
    And yet so fleeting
    And why does love
    Fill a heart with joy
    Yet age the lovers
    Like a wilting flower


    I had forgotten her
    I had forgotten
    The way she looked
    With her bright elfin face
    And brown soulful eyes
    I had forgotten
    The sound of her voice
    With its sweet honeyed tones
    And her infectious laughter
    It had been hard
    But I had forgotten her

    I had forgotten
    The smell of her hair
    The taste of her lips
    The touch of her skin
    I had forgotten her completely
    She was off my radar
    My senses were free of her
    Free of her intoxication
    Free of her narcotic
    It had taken months
    Going cold turkey
    To cleanse myself, to detox
    To shake her from my consciousness
    And exorcise her from my soul
    But I had forgotten her

    I had forgotten her
    By changing jobs
    Decorating the house
    And ridding myself of everything
    That reminded me of her
    And I was free
    My life was once more on an even keel
    The stormy seas had been quelled
    All was calm and safe
    And there was such comfort
    In feeling safe
    The wounds had healed
    Though the scars remained
    I had peace of mind
    When I could say
    I had forgotten her

    And I had forgotten her
    Until that fateful day
    When I found it
    Down the side of the sofa
    A small pearl button
    Such an innocuous item
    Evoking such potent memories
    Of a violet lambís wool sweater
    That accentuated her breasts so well
    The button was a casualty
    Of an intimate encounter
    Discarded in our passionate haste
    And in that instance of recognition
    She was all at once back with me
    My senses reawakened
    Her scent was in my nostrils
    I could feel her lips on mine
    Her caress on my cheek
    I could hear her infectious laughter
    And I saw her sitting beside me
    Close enough to touch
    And as the wounds reopened
    I realised to my dismay that
    I had not forgotten her

    I had not forgotten her
    I had just shut down
    Disabled my interface with the world
    I hid away in my castle
    And pulled up the draw bridge
    And created my own world within
    I held the button in my fingers
    As the drawbridge lowered
    And my castle walls fell
    And the world flooded in
    That little pearl button
    Spoke to me in volumes
    And I knew I loved her still


    The honey Bee
    Loves the flower
    In particular the Rose
    But the flower is indifferent
    As it views the Bee
    Through sweet petal veil
    But the Bee is content and
    Doesnít need his love returned
    For Rose is his passion
    And will always be

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    I especially liked the lowering of the drawbridge in FORGOTTEN? and the wilting flower in WHY IS IT THAT LOVES TEMPERATE FLAME.

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