Everyone in the room watched the emperor, who lay there still and motionless now. It was dawn. After a long while, Sushun burned a stick of incense and put it before the emperor's nostrils to see whether he was breathing. The smoke rose straight in the air, which meant that no breath came out of the emperor's nose any more. The emperor was gone to Heavens, as it should be referred to. Everyone in the room began to cry loudly in mourning. That was also a tradition.
When the queen was mourning, her favorite maid brought her a sad information that Concubine Li had committed suicide, but didn't die, because the opium she had swallowed was not enough. The queen had to summon Concubine Li to her presence and consoled her. It was not an unusual event that a concubine wanted to end her own life to follow the emperor to Heavens in the history of China. But Concubine Li had her own reason for doing so. She was always afraid of Concubine Yan, who, in her opinion, was shrewd and cruel. She feared that since Concubine Yan would become an empress dowager she would maltreat her some day out of old jealousy, which would easily turn into abhorrence and killing. And it was not unusual that when Concubine Yan wanted to kill her, she would accuse her of something, anything she didn't do, which would also impair her good reputation. When she died for the emperor, she would leave a good reputation behind her.
The queen knew why she wanted to die. So she promised to protect her from any potential imaginable harm and bade her to live on. Concubine Li promised to do no more such stupid things.