The calendar showed that it would soon be another Chinese New Year, the grandest festival in a year. The festival gifts were on the way. All the high-rank officials in the provinces would send gifts to the empress dowagers and the emperor, to all the princes, to the ministers, or to those for potential help that might be needed in the future. Special presents were sent to those with special relationship.
One day, West Empress Dowager dispatched Little An to her mother's house to bring her some festival gifts. There Little An met a messenger from Provisions Governor Wu, who sent to the mother of West Empress Dowager one hundred thousand taels of silver in Sliver Notes every year as his gratitude to West Empress Dowager. The messenger knew Little An by fame and was very much polite to him. Little An hadn't thought that he would have met the messenger of Provisions Governor Wu, or he could carry out his plan. And now he wasn't prepared yet. So he just made some social remarks and left.
He was a guy who could scheme. He should really have gone to join the army and would some day have become a great reputed strategist. But now he couldn't anymore even if he wanted, since he had lost his dick. If a guy without a dick should have been a commander, all the generals would have resigned for shame to be fighting under him. Anyway, he was struck with a good notion.
When he returned to the Forbidden City, he informed West Empress Dowager of the encounter with the messenger from Provisions Governor Wu, adding that the messenger had wanted to get in touch with him.
“What for?” West Empress Dowager doubted.
“It's not I, Empress Dowager's slave, he wants to seek. He only wants me to deliver a message to Empress Dowager from His Excellency Wu.” He was the greatest liar. Even a lie-detector would fail its function.
“What's it?West Empress Dowager was interested.
“His Excellency Wu desires to know what special things Empress Dowager wants in his area.”
“He's such a nice person. Always think of me.” West Empress Dowager was pleased.
“Empress Dowager'd better ask for something, anything, so that His Excellency Wu won't feel that his offer of gratitude is ignored.”