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Thread: A Love Game # 33

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    A Love Game # 33


    Hair of Chestnut
    Tumbles unchecked
    Over freckled skin
    In perfect complement
    Like forest fronds
    In a dappled glade


    I held your hand
    Though you did not know it
    And I remembered
    The first time I held it
    That august day so long ago
    When the magic passed between us
    And I knew I had found my mate

    It was such an innocuous action,
    We were on the train
    Two travelling strangers
    As it rattled its way through Surrey
    You were just getting to your feet
    When the train lurched
    And you fell back with a bump
    I offered you my hand
    Which you took and the die was cast
    Our journey together began
    Now your journey is nearly at its end
    And I sit in vigil at your side
    Where I will remain
    Until life leaves your body
    On that quiet final breath
    And you make the next journey alone

    I said to you when we were young
    ďI would love you all of your life"
    And when you were still you,
    Before the morphine took hold of you
    You reminded me of it and said to me
    ďWill you still love me all of my life?Ē
    With a crack in my voice I replied
    ďNo Iíll love you for all of mineĒ


    I have held my love in check
    While watching and waiting,
    Cautious from the very start
    Withholding romantic feelings,
    And playing it safe, until the day
    I find a worthy receptive heart


    I remember well, when we were young
    And all those long halcyon days
    We spent so many joyful hours
    Just idling our time away
    Down on her dadís farm.
    They were such happy lazy days
    Swinging on that old rustic gate
    Fishing in the mill pond,
    Pooh sticks on the stream
    And roaming the countryside
    With nothing particular to do
    And a world of time to do it in.
    They were truly wonderful days
    Pleasure filled days, innocent days,
    Before the end of childhood
    But that was before those amazing weeks
    Of that one very special summer,
    So many summers ago now,
    When she transformed before my eyes,
    A little more each day, into something new
    Like a butterfly, emerging from its cocoon
    Spreading its glorious wings in the sun
    Displaying a previously unseen beauty.
    A wonderful transformation
    When she magically changed
    From the cutely naive country girl,
    An awkward and ungainly tomboy,
    Into an altogether more graceful being
    A beautiful young woman,
    Though I was fond of the grubby faced girl
    With the unruly hair, wispy and uncombed
    But fondness paled and I very soon fell in love
    With the beautiful butterfly that had replace her
    And with the emergence of the butterfly girl
    Possessed of all the wondrous beauty
    Of the first flower of spring
    We trod an unfamiliar path
    And left our childish games behind
    Taking our first tentative steps towards love,
    A love that was a stranger to us, an alien thing
    Yet we stepped eagerly into its turbulent sea
    And immersed ourselves in its waters
    We knew at once that excitement of first love
    When joy was all we could see
    And all of our thoughts were only for each other
    Sweet moments spent in blissful adoration
    Until love was burnt deeply on our souls.
    Now when we walk the familiar places
    Of our distant youth, as we so often do
    We can stand in that very spot
    Where first I beheld the butterfly
    Resplendent in the sunlight
    And say to her with heartfelt sincerity
    That I love her still


    It was fifty years ago when I first saw her
    When I fell for her beauty and her charm
    And now in the autumn of our years
    Iím still proud to have her on my arm

    How long ago it was when we were young
    When every minute we were parted
    Was full of angst, agonies and torment
    And time alone left us broken hearted

    Now I could compose symphonies
    And write lofty ballads to her name
    I could write the sweetest love songs
    And never express what are love became

    I would have crossed the wildest seas
    And walked on coals to be at her side
    I would have slain the fiercest dragon
    And fought duals to win her as my bride

    I proclaimed my love to her as everlasting
    And told her we would always be together
    Through thick and thin, good times and bad
    Through the calm and stormy weather

    My heart soared as the church bells rang
    When at the alter she stood and said I do
    Now after fifty summers and winters
    The love I proclaimed still holds true

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