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Thread: Some quick thoughts

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    Some quick thoughts

    In case anyone is reading...

    - Did reading this book ever make you irritated? I say that because I find the story, and characters hard to believe. Don's madness is so obviously not possible in real life; Pancho seems wont to lie.

    - Does this strike you a little bit like children who are pretending to be superheros? Don just seems childish to me when I really get into it, like an early teenager.

    - finally, the violence strikes me as a bit like Tom and Jerry, in that characters keep getting pummelled with very little emotional or even rational cost.

    I figure that part of why I'm hatin is because this book represents a broader genre that doesn't square with the postmodernism I may be accustomed to. But I'm loathe to read more analysis lest I miss the impact of the story.

    Thanks for reading...

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    I am reading the 2nd half slowly. Yes, it does annoy me quite a bit. I find it repetitive and the jokes wear thin. Don Quixote is either mad or he's not really mad, but Sancho is not bothered either way.
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