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Thread: Father's Day

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    Father's Day

    Today, June 18,2017 the paternal members of families across the U.S. will be feted with the annual unofficial celebration of Father’s Day. (Note the apostrophe before the “s,” denoting a singular possessive. The rule does not hold true for the November 11 holiday of Veterans Day, which is plural without a possessive apostrophe.)

    In recent years the special day brings to mind a famous malapropism brought to light upon the death of its creator, the legendary Major League outfielder and beloved NY Mets broadcaster, Ralph Kiner (1922 -2014.) During a game on a third Sunday in June, Ralph mentioned the return of this “special day,” adding:

    “ So to the fathers out there, we'd like to wish all of you a very Happy Birthday.”

    Back in 2006, yours fooly wrote a little piece for the occasion based on a satire titled “If Men Played Cards the Way Women Do” by George S. Kaufman. While not as memorable as Kiner’s quip or as funny as Kaufman’s piece, the ditty appears in the form of a LitNet link of 2014. If you're so inclined, click the highlighted words or copy and paste the link below.

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    That was a nice one. I remember it.

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