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    Parasexual Activity

    The following is based on a true story:


    In 2006, after two years of being separated from my wife, she came back into my apartment where I was living since 2004. That was the moment when the weird story began. First, my upper neighbor (a provincial guy round 60, living alone, presumably on a pension) started making noises such as stamping around and drilling, the latter even after midnight one time. After some days, when I complained about the drilling, he denied having a drill in his rooms and accused his neighbor to the left of causing the noises. So I went to the house supervisor who ensured that the neighborīs neighbor, a friend of him, had no reason to drill around for days and days, because his rooms were fully renovated.

    After this, things changed. The drilling stopped, but I started to notice noises such as loud cracks in the TV (no matter it was switched on or off), in the hotplates in my kitchen (when they were switched on) and even in the frame of the balcony door.

    Sometimes the cracks in the TV were nearly as loud as the explosion of a balloon.

    What is noticeable is that those noises only occurred when I was alone (my wife is working in the day and often visits girlfriends in the evening). It took some days until I got the idea that the phenomena were 1) paranormally caused and 2) caused (in any way) by my upper neighbor.

    This idea came when I noticed several times loud cracks from the TV just in the moment I passed it on the way to the kitchen. I got the idea that someone was watching me - the same one who caused the cracks.

    There was a simple logical connection to the upper neighbor because he was still stamping around and often shut his balcony door very loud. Once I accepted that the cracks were paranormal I had logically to accept that they were caused by the neighbor.

    When I tried to record the cracks (around 20 - 30 per day) using a microphone and recording software, I found out that the causer of the noises was not interested in recordings. For two hours there was no noise. That was extraordinary. After I ended the recordings, the noises started again two minutes later... Of course, I repeated the experiment some days later, but unsuccessfully, again.

    So I got the conviction that the causer (presumably the upper neighbor) was able to perceive every detail in my rooms.

    An example:

    One evening, a friend and his wife visited me. I told them about my theory and the guy. Just in the moment when the woman said: "Maybe he feels sexually inferior", there was a really loud noise from above, as if someone had dropped an icebox on the upper floor. The woman asked me: "Thatīs him?" I nodded. "So better we change the subject", she said.

    In 2008, I (and my wife) moved to another apartment, ten miles distant from the former, in order to bring the phenomena to an end. But no way. It took two days, then they started again - in the TV, in the hotplates and - this was new - in the radiators.

    Even now the TV cracks are sometimes half as loud as a balloon explosion.

    My theory is that the guy is still observing me and that the phenomena are a sexual-sadistic attempt to contact me (Iīm not gay, but an eyecatcher for gays, as I often experience in the metro, for example). So he is able to 1) cause psychokinetics effects over long distances and 2) to perceive details over long distances (sort of remote viewing, but in a perfect way).

    This theory clashes with the theory of traditional paranormal science. Of course, I wrote to the Institut for Paranormal Science in Freiburg. Their reaction was ridiculous: They told me that the noises were psychokinetically caused by myself as an effect of psychological stress. I answered that my psychological constitution was alright, but no way. Again the middle-class-guys wrote that there is no other explanation because it is impossible that a man can intentionally cause such phenomena. Thatīs obviously part of the parapsychological creed and as sancrosanct as an ecclesiastical dogma.
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