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    There are people in the shop today
    Buying milk
    And scratching,
    There are bags on the street
    Cruising gutters
    And birds shi tting above
    On the people and the bags,
    Angry cars spew fumes
    That mix with the scent of sausage rolls
    From bakeries of wobbly people
    And a man plays the spoons
    On his pocket of tobacco
    And oily denim,
    A baby sucking milky stars
    Rides his designer buggy
    Swathed in gingham
    By the rainbow
    That grows from the roof
    Of the Apple shop
    Where anxious people
    with broken phones
    Seek contracts.
    The spoons pause
    For a smoke,
    A young couple in pastel
    Swap saliva and hopes,
    Facebook friends
    And vodka,
    A man in adidas sucks the fat
    From a kebab,
    A plane stripes the sky
    Packed with hedonists and spirits,
    I slide my aviators
    To the bridge of my nose
    Suck raindrops through gum disease,
    Head home.
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    I very evocative view from behind your aviators. I love the lines that end with contracts. Apple is the Devil.
    I'm wondering whether the sky is packed with hedonists and spirits, or whether the plane is.

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    Very accurate description of the city- why I left. Evocative describes the piece perfectly.

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