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Thread: Reification (fallacy) - false grammatically.

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    Reification (fallacy) - false grammatically.

    Supporters of "reification (fallacy)", say thought up ideas cannot be thought of as concrete, but instead, ideas can only be linked to physical concrete; I think that's wrong, and brains can muscle on an atomic level. "Reification (fallacy)" is ignorant of malleable sensory aspect.

    Ill-defined "sense" is definitely in my head; an idea, a personal reflection to my head.

    "I had an idea!", no you didn't according to "reification (fallacy)", it's is an idea shared, not an idea personally.

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    I sort of like the idea of ideas being "shared", that is, they don't belong to me especially if I can put them into words, but I have not heard of reification (fallacity) before. What is the opposite of this idea?

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