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Thread: Some question about the book

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    Some question about the book

    So, I'm currently reading the book for the first time

    I'm at book 11, chapter 2. Hohlakova asks Perhotin: "What does the counsel say?" What does she mean by this?

    Also, if I come across some parts which I don't understand in the future, I'll ask here.

    No spoilers please.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you certain you gave the correct address, book eleven, chapter 2 'AN AILING LITTLE FOOR' ? The only reference I can find for Perhotin have no dialogue. As for "What does the counsel say" which I also cannot find in my translation (perhaps it differs wildly from yours?) but I believe Khokhlakov is referring to the attorney defending Dmitri and whether that attorney believes in the insanity defense.

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