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Thread: Favorite books on writing?!

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    Favorite books on writing?!

    Hopefully, this is the right place to post. What are your favorite TWO books on writing?

    I've really enjoyed Writing Down the Bones and On Writing Well. On Writing Well ripped my writing to shreds, though! LOL!

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    I don't read novels about writing. I just read lots and do it myself.

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    You mean non-fiction on writing? I've never read a novel about the craft of writing. That's cool that you don't need to read anything on writing. I do. LOL!

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    I think these are useful:

    Stephen Fry, 'The Ode Less Travelled'
    Ted Kooser, 'The Poetry Home Repair Manual'
    Mary Oliver, 'Rules for the Dance'
    Brewer, R.F. , 'Orthometry, the Art of Versification'

    Gotham Writing Workshop 'Writing Fiction'
    Stephen King, 'On Writing'
    Helen Sword, 'The Writer's Diet'
    Lynne Truss, 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves'

    But also, yes, reading what you want to write.

    Oh, two? Then the two Stephens will do nicely.
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    Stephen Fry, 'The Ode Less Travelled' is one of my favorite book on writing.

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