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Thread: Weekend with Rimbaud

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    Weekend with Rimbaud

    rolling hills, and roundabouts,
    and fields, young shamrock green,
    and clouds bulging with rain,
    but which don’t burst, not yet,
    just float indifferently
    across a sky they shrink down
    to a less unearthly size

    a certain freshness coats the countryside,
    makes leaves and flowers swell
    as if they could transform;
    yet nothing ever changes in this place
    but seasons and short lives…

    the silent, empty canal fleetingly reflects
    the presence of a moping youth
    with savage hair and florid words,
    and anchored under weeping willows
    lie the ghosts of drunken ships,
    forever stranded here,
    the lingering reminders of
    a poet's season in hell

    minutes, hours, days get stripped of meaning,
    faded tunes echo from grey
    and yellow rain-soaked stones,
    and in the air hover the smells
    of oven-roasted leg of lamb,
    lush poetry, and gentle boredom,
    and in the woods, if one gets lucky,
    waits a faun to gently kiss awake
    one's longings
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