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    Peace be on you.
    Extremism lead by some so called clergies is pushing Muslim countries into darkness. Their leaders are afraid of mulla's street power. Some clever forces are backing the rebels and governments in Muslim countries to keep them fighting with each other. Weapons are being provided to both sides. Had they come out of greeds, they would not have sold them out like this.

    To convey faith, extremism, and terrorism has no role.

    Allah taught to convey His message with wisdom, good advice and proper debate. Founder of Ahmadiyya Community reminded his community:

    When you debate with someone, debate with wisdom and virtuous advices, which should be with softness and politeness. Yes, it is true that many ignorant and unwise clergy of this era, due to their foolishness, have very idea that to spread religion with Jihad and sword is thing of very much reward. And they live life behind cover and hypocrisy. But they are very wrong to have this thought. At their wrong understanding, blame cannot be at Divine Book. In fact, truths and realities are never dependent of any compulsion, rather compulsion proves that spiritual arguments are weak. ...... debate with wisdom and virtuous sermons, not with harshness. .........Remember, the person who treats (others) with harshness and becomes angry, words of knowledge and wisdom can never be spoken by his tongue. Such heart is made deprive of words of wisdom which loses self-control when comes in front of his opponent. Bad-mouthed and lips of unbridled one are made un-fated of and deprive of spring of subtleties. Anger and wisdom both cannot get together. The one who is defeated by anger, his wisdom is dull and understanding is blunt. He is never given dominance and help in any field. Anger is half madness, when it increases it can become full madness.

    Ref: From the Words of Ahmadiyya Khalifah
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    Do you believe in the just war rather than turning the other cheek?

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    I think people who spread their religion with the sword deep down are frightened of their lack of faith and deep down know that their religion is not 100% safe from criticism.

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    Yes, I do.

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    historically speaking, religions are spread more by the sword than by doctrinal disquisitions. and that's particularly true in regards to islam.

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