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Thread: My Early Christian Poetry

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    My Early Christian Poetry

    Dueling Revelations: Ode #1 First Draft: 1/18/17-2/20/2017

    In the wellspring was the Word, and the Word was God
    And with God and all was made by Him and for Him;
    Now without Christ human life would be very dim
    And to get to God is quintessentially odd.
    Jesus is the Word made flesh dwelling amongst us;
    Beholding this from glory to glory, ever and anon
    Is what’s promised Saints from Apostles Paul and John.
    All Others Saints will flee from, being those they distrust.

    In Arabia the Quran was revealed by
    Allah to the Prophet Mohamet as the Word
    Of God, uttered by the Angel Gabriel, heard,
    Memorized and recited by Mohamet nigh
    Maddened by its import; this Word is exactly
    The spoken Word of Allah and cannot be changed,
    Allah has said it will never be rearranged.
    Allah’s Quran was not created actually.

    In the Bible God said believers have pure hearts;
    He creates these hearts within them, a renewal
    Of a right spirit inside like a shining jewel,
    God alters men’s inward affections and parts.
    Now the Saints being pure of heart will get to see God
    Having had them cleansed by the Creator of life;
    This results in Saints being espoused to Christ as wife,
    Following Christ and walking in the path He trod.

    Yet Allah’s Quran says the Saints have hearts blighted,
    A curse is upon them for disbelief in Signs
    Which he hath made manifest through whom he assigns,
    They should be held to its standard, being indicted
    For professing Christ, the mark of loser stamped on
    Them; for disbelievers is prepared chastisement,
    This Allah will dole out; a grievous punishment.
    Now to the Quran these are conclusions forgone.

    In the Bible God is shown as Father, Son, and
    Holy Ghost: One God in Three Persons: the Blessed
    Trinity; Father says to the Son, “Sit abreast
    My right hand of power whilst thy foes I disband.”
    When Jesus was baptized the Spirit came on Him
    Like a dove and a voice fell from Heaven saying,
    ‘This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.’ Praying
    To the Father in Jesus name may start a hymn.

    The Quran stresses the uniqueness of Allah.
    “Say: Allah is One, He being Whom the aggregate
    Depends. He begets not, nor does He procreate;
    And none is like Him.” In Islam there’s no selah
    In regards to this decree; whilst Jesus is seen
    As a prophet of Islam and the Holy Ghost
    Is said to be Gabriel; this is Islam’s boast
    Concerning the Godhead in the Bible; Ameen!

    In the Bible salvation is by Grace alone
    Through Faith alone in the completed work of Christ
    Alone; the life, death and resurrection sufficed
    To save to the uttermost; Jesus Christ atoned
    For the sins of all those who put their Faith and Trust
    In Him; it is said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus
    Christ and thou shalt be saved.” To Forsake impious
    Acts is how God desires for us to adjust.

    In the Quran Allah stresses submissive acts;
    The Five Pillars of Islam form the basis of
    Devotion to Allah; faith in the One above
    Others; the Shahada being of Islam’s facts.
    The Muslims must pray five ritual prayers each day;
    Muslims must pay Zakat, charity for the poor;
    Fasting for the month of Ramadan they’ll endure,
    And the Hajj to Mecca (if able) to essay.

    The Bible bespeaks of a tumultuous time:
    ‘The Time of Trouble and Testing: Tribulation:
    When God’s wrath comes against those spurning salvation.
    One World Government, Religion, and Ruler primed
    Along with his False Prophet will be the centerpiece
    Bestride Demonic and Angelic delusion;
    Antichrist hounds Israel, Saints with profusion,
    Being the Chief Antagonist and Satan’s Mouthpiece.

    Sufyani will come--then Islam’s False Messiah
    Will rule from an expanded Israel the world
    Entire, seek to deceive mankind whom are hurled
    Through The Last Hour as Isa—anti-pariah--
    Returns to Mecca alongside Imam Mahdi,
    Kills Dajaal, extends Faith to People of the Book;
    After the sun rises from the West you will be forsook:
    Major Signs that Islam has come to embody.

    In the fulfillment of all, Jesus dwells with men;
    All enemies must be made his footstool; the last
    To be defeated is Death; Father God wipes past
    Sorrows away surely deserving of Amen!
    A New Heaven and Earth are fashioned, all being true;
    During The Great White Throne God judges all forsook
    Angels; and men not found written in the Lamb’s Book.
    The Sainted learn of God’s Glory each Age anew.

    In the consummation every soul must taste of
    Death (even the Angels Israfil and Death and
    Mikael); Allah has decreed that Himself will stand;
    And then all will be raised, the Lord of the Worlds above
    Prompting The Hour; and every soul will be judged
    As to whether they accepted God’s Messengers--
    Earth will be destroyed--Muslims will be passengers
    Through Hell Fire to Paradise Allah has adjudged.

    Now having been shown the stark contrasts ‘tween the Cross
    And the Crescent, we are left to make up our mind
    About those who say ‘All faiths are alike!’ Mankind
    Halts ‘tween these two opinions, which may indeed cost
    The price of a precious soul; therefore it behooves
    The Saints to get on one accord--engage in labor--
    Father God has sent Jesus to be the Savior;
    All Others must be disavowed, Christ He approves.
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    The Highest Heavenly Sphere: Pastoral #1

    First Draft 8/13/2016-1/7/2017

    The Will of the Lord Divine brings it all about
    An ecstatic unveiling for the famed seers
    To behold the uppermost of the Heavens without a doubt
    Foretasting of the Rapture with saintly compeers;
    “Come up hither, walk gold streets of empyrean
    Espy with thine eye from the heights of creation.”
    Then to translate said seer from terrafirma
    Proceeds if stationed in Israel or Burma.
    The journey to the Heavens is a great reward,
    A type of abatement from strictures of hard life;
    So with eyes that may share of the Prophet’s award
    Let us make the trip too and see an end to strife.

    Upon one’s first pass through the pearly glittering gates
    Being surpassing sights of essential flowering;
    Stalks of greenest grasses growing as He creates,
    Tallest, purest forms of trees with roots burrowing;
    Beauty is sheltered in the minds of highest saints
    Realms above all with no mars or sorrowful taints
    Gates open to seers looked through by the Body
    Whom has come to be seen as types to embody.
    What can be said whilst walking twisty turns of gold?
    Let’s further speculate using the Heavenly
    Pastoral, that tutor through ethereal mold;
    Yea, the empyrean world is beyond lovely

    Take a winding golden lane past mansions galore
    Effusive grandeur lining the paved, gilded road,
    Palatial beauties for saints to surely adore,
    A multi-tiered structure is our homes and abode.
    The Divine Architect gives guidance without peers
    Whereas Angels build as master imagineers.
    “What saith thou, O Saint, dost thou love thy new home?”
    “Yea, Lord, tis marvelous and within I love to roam!”
    Walk further afield in heavenly atmospheres
    Doubtless one will discover more to overawe,
    It is what the Saints old and new has seen as seers
    Therefore let’s carry on the journey which drops jaw.

    What’s that I hear? It is the Heavenly Choirs!
    Singing songs to divine concertos melodic
    Shinning amongst the throngs as though they were sapphires
    Blending harps, pianos, and violin music
    Drum beats and cellos and flute and trumpet accords
    Leaving lasting notes in the ether as records;
    The Song of the Triumphant Saint is on their breath;
    “Give Glory to God who saved us from sin and death!”
    More canst be said of that Heavenly Pastoral
    Let us soldier on in trailing elect seers;
    Taming desires to commit acts immoral
    So we may one day too be Heaven’s sightseers.

    And now our eyes behold in ceaseless ecstasy
    The beatific vision of the Divine Visage;
    For look, Three sit upon the throne with weighty glory
    Even the God Man who came as incarnate sage.
    And the Ancient of Days shinning as sardine stone
    God’s Holy Spirit who moved upon waters blown.
    The throngs and throngs of those whom are called to gather
    Spread like the eternal seas giving him honor.
    “We thank Thee, O Lord, Holy and True, for righteous
    Happenings throughout the beauteous manifold worlds
    Which Thou hast created, being lightened by Brightness
    That Pours from the Heavenly Throne to shine like pearls!”

    Now the blest Prophet is translated back to Earth
    A place the Great God deigns him or her to remain
    Until the sound of the last trump shows their worth
    The power of God freeing from sin nature’s stain.
    “But how might I return unto the mortal realm
    After beholding all I didst being overwhelmed!”
    And the Lord says, “My Grace is sufficient for thee;
    What thou underwent will cause thee to long for Me.”
    So with swiftness they move through the heavens
    Seeing all as a blur of prismatic fine colors,
    They enter their homes having learned divine lessons
    And long to be with God and their brothers.

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    The Great Apostasy Cypher and Awakening Resolution

    The Great Apostasy Cypher: Shakespearean Sonnet #2 First Draft 2/10/2015-2/15/2015


    Locked looks in dazed disbelief as they warp
    The sense of the Scripts to fit in Culture’s
    Cases; cringe whilst lechers thrill the corpse
    Of “said” saints, beaks picking meat as vultures
    While charmed fiends flock fickle “faints” across
    To grassy green sides; walk in the midst of
    Holy places that throws away the cross
    Of Christ for cause of offense, “Lord Above
    Not the least bit angry we’re sure!” Played games
    With people’s souls going on near endless edge!
    The love of money waxing long with claims
    That God will make one rich with a pledge!
    Great Apostasy springs forth in old ways,
    In these last and most nefarious days.


    The Great Awakening Resolution Italian Sonnet #2 First Draft 2/18/2015-2/20/2015

    When the world all-around looks dark, uncertain
    Days approach slanting confused heads this way
    And that; terror grips life, death not to stay;
    When God Preps to pull back Twilight’s Curtain
    The end of the age looks set for certain
    “The Last Trump” is no more tuned to delay
    More one’s foresight seem set for disarray
    War drums are beat and it begets burden;
    Gaze upon hills, Christ comes to unburden;
    To Awaken souls, enlighten the dark
    With refulgent purity, giving bread
    From heaven, preaching the Good Word of God;
    Take heed to the zeal of the preacher, hark!
    Have an ear to hear; a life to be wed
    With the Christ in terrible times to trod.

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    Symmetrical Life/Theological Philosophy/Poetica Harmonia

    Heroic Couplet #3 First Draft: 6/5/2015-10/22/2015

    Whilst walking amongst confused watersides
    One’s musing conjures what greatly divides
    Learned by plenty forms philosophical
    Consumed en masse and highly critical
    Of thought or word, some all-embracing deed
    Of Christian saints who wish to plant a seed
    To further Christ’s Kingdom and His Glory
    Pierce sinner’s hearts through a Bible Story;
    To sight all things through disharmonies scope
    Effects men’s souls who then cast aside hope
    Leaning not on all-working providence
    Giving God a vote of no confidence
    Whilst wordsmiths seem to see nothing of worth
    From aforetime, forming a hasty birth,
    ‘We want to write in wombs of thoughtless thought!’
    To salvage some of what society has bought,
    Observe, read further what this verse has wrought.

    What might parallel lives show carefully?
    Nothing but ineffable harmony!
    God works all things after His good pleasure
    Knows the close of an Age all within measure
    Harmony bespeaks within nature’s mold
    Much more then within that spiritual wold
    A sparrow takes flight, a bee buzzes by,
    The observant beholds with a limited eye;
    To deny omniscience in the matter
    Raises Hosts of Hell to bang and clatter
    Imps of Satan get glory undeserved
    Some grow hardened hearing of Christ who served
    It abounds all throughout society
    Whilst not going into that night quietly
    Being a symptom of rot for these last days
    The world seems in a spell-binding craze.
    More there must be hemmed in harmony
    Amongst an Age of Abnormality.
    When lakes ripple to the landing of geese
    Should any find that disturbance of peace?
    Some won’t point to God and wish it to cease:
    To still men’s witness, though life’s a short lease.
    It must be stated without negation
    Earth’s essence eyed elicits elation
    Not a world of discord where all is blight
    Whilst misaligned terrors stalk in malformed might
    We can’t say for true what wanders out there
    Though nightly skies show a flair for the fair
    Pouring forth in wealth from the Divine Mind
    The Almighty God boasts balms for eyes blind.
    The Righteous Sun rose in these twilit years
    Shinning from heaven bracing for saintly cheers
    When He’ll split the clouds and call us all home,
    The Realm of Heaven where we yearn to roam.
    Yet if all of Earth’s Realm should testify
    God’s Glory, Whose will is to further beautify
    (Remake at the close of all clarify)
    What must await the Saints of the Ages?
    Hardened eyes haven’t read Bible Pages,
    The Christ still uses Salvation’s Sages.
    Here some sceptic might be tempted to state,
    “All shan’t compose in unity of fate!
    This world calls chaotic its ordered steps;
    We walk into faith-fueled wars, these missteps
    Are legion, and at any time Earth could
    Burn as the specter of raining fire would
    Result in the razing of humankind,
    Unrighteous rebukes of man to mankind,
    Provoked powers one day losing all checks;
    Man holds sway with wills to create what wrecks.”
    Remarks like these prove true in disbelief
    Saints stand on the Solid Rock of belief.
    We live in enemy territory
    But from the saint Satan gets no glory
    All will be razed in the time of trouble
    Saints mustn’t be snaking in hell’s bubble.
    Tremulous times can be endured right ways
    If we’d just but trust the God-Man who stays,

    Some observe the harshness of earth’s essence
    Disavowing God’s good-natured presence;
    Woodpeckers bore through brains of baby doves
    Mothers return to find spoiled their loves.
    Disharmonies we find in nature are
    Caused by the fall, life is made new not far.
    Some cannot contend with the resulting:
    Disasters occur without Consulting.
    What may be said of nature’s upheaval?
    Know that God has nothing in Him evil.
    Natural events are mysterious
    Mistrust arise in men who’re curious
    Yet even in the midst of destruction
    God can show forth his hand of protection
    A whirlwind tears cities into pieces
    A young baby survives, faith increases;
    This word we live in forces us to choose:
    Benevolent beings: demonic abuse?
    They’re righteous reasons for single seasons
    People on Earth suffer sinful lesions.
    Take heed to preachers preaching good doctrine,
    Conform to the Word, a good young churchman.
    Work out salvation with fear, trembling,
    Steadfast in faith, eschew any ambling,
    Believe in the Apostles Doctrine, break
    Bread as Saints; be kind, alert, and awake,
    For none knows the day or the hour when
    Christ comes; press toward the prize, not what has been.

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    After Unworldly Winter Sight of Spring Comes: Blank Verse #3

    First Draft 3/30/2015-4/20/2015

    Old, withered leaves hang limply among trees
    Of life which are deadened through cruel season
    Of frigid frosts; others have become blasted
    Grasses which our bare feet can no longer tread
    Upon because of the frozen winter winds;
    Some are the solemn perpetual gray skies
    Which sprinkle flakes of white snow on the world
    While there are those who are hard packed ice that
    Won’t melt as extreme temperatures persist; yet
    Harken to the Horizon: Sights of Spring comes.

    Plumed breath pours through cold mouths in porous heaps;
    A glimpse of dead winter, where nothing grows.
    They stomp through the dense snows in boots craving
    A chance to get in; chill air bites open flesh,
    Goodhearted mom prepares bubbling stew.
    A peek at the apple tree will show a
    Shriveled fruit all scrunched up attempting the
    Impossible: life in death. What means this?
    If one presses further ones likely to see;
    After unworldly wandering Life comes.

    Such a one may shamble on through wasted
    Lands, a stretch of death sprawled to the four winds;
    Spirit warriors want to awaken
    Within some semblance of virility
    Yet the shadow of the reaper beats down
    That hope unceasingly; Will relief show?
    Can it ever be spoken that nature
    Has likeness to the empyrean world?
    We walk within dead worlds but life cometh
    When Christ who rules pulls back the veiled curtain.

    Ever beaten down by siphoning woes
    The saint does what he must to get through types
    Of wilderness where nothing grows and life
    Is short showing itself, their personal
    Promised Land awaits, what they may seek is
    Known of none but them and God, though many
    Have lost precious jewels of vitality
    And expect escape from Devourers.
    The parallels are there for all to see
    The Great God of Heaven has put them there.

    So when next encouragement you’ll have for
    Brothers or sisters in mental distress
    Point out the cycles of nature and how
    Life will soon bloom when the wastes yet persist;
    From frosty feeling fingers to felt flame
    Of the sun which warms the world, this cycle
    Reflects Christian reality; the Sun
    Of Righteousness will warm the life of Saints
    Avenging them of wilderness trials and
    Troubles; shining his glory upon them,
    Lifting them out of the wildness of worlds
    And placing them in the Land of Promise.

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    A Crippled Christian: Isometric Stanza #1

    First Draft 12/4/2015-5/27/2016


    A Crippled Christian wanders to and fro
    Drunken with wine of life’s hammering blow,
    Hoping, pleading for things to get better;
    They’re lost in goals, subdued by a fetter.
    Dark is oppressive being the only light,
    O to be visited by Christ Whose Bright!


    O to be recovered from hopeless states!
    Is it fiscal matters or lost estates?
    Shan’t it be spiritual for things harsh here?
    Translate Christianese, become a seer.
    Alas, all seems broken and lost spirit
    What would it take for someone to hear it?

    What does one do when most everything’s gone?
    Do you lose your mind or keep going on?
    Crippling sins cast saints down to the pit
    Where it’s not safe to walk let alone sit
    Limits must be placed on dweller’s patience;
    Joseph’s rewards came in Heaven’s Cadence.

    Joseph ruled over an ancient kingdom
    Even after Pharaoh’s wife found him winsome;
    What’s written afore is for our learning
    Methinks the Lord doesn’t like murmuring
    O how Job was accused for questioning
    Mayhap there are many moderns whining.


    Mayhap it would be best freed from Jesus?
    Is better bordering on blasphemous?
    Lost would crippled Christians be without Him
    All thoughts forward would be kind of grim.
    Yet still hurt followers must find ways passed
    The divine chastening that has amassed.


    Seducing sprites ways walk within sashays
    A Temptress now strays from clear paths and praise.
    Churchmen shall not bond all to correspond;
    Strive to find her fond whose meant to despond.
    To live forthrightly! Do not take lightly
    His blood shed rightly, for that’s unsightly!


    Work with the Good Lord, not against Hope’s Chord,
    Life’s changes are roared, that is our blessed hoard.
    That we might walk straight without straying gait
    Being safe to create art for Christ who’s great
    Let us long to be where He might want me;
    We can clearly see God’s eyes are on thee.


    Foretaste of Heaven leaves behind leaven;
    Saved at eleven? Carry on Kevin.
    Love hinders us not we are all begot
    Of God and whatnot; seek Him or be forgot.
    What matters most is how we conduct His
    Glory in our biz, later He will quiz.


    It seems forever when I was ever
    Set to endeavor looking for better;
    Though a mighty mite of hope persists right
    Through the endless night, will things be alright?
    This crippled Christian is on a mission
    His broke condition needs God’s Clinician.


    Let’s brook no dissent; stay Christian, repent!
    Serve God, be content; don’t stray for recent
    Attacks from devils, in God there’s levels;
    We should be revels non-life’s in hovels.
    It would be harmful to lose all Hopeful
    If crippled to full hold to blessings, pull!

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    To Be Married in the Christian Tradition: Blank Verse #2

    6/11/12-6/13/12 First Draft

    Yet roaming about ever longingly
    Go those wandering eyes of lovelorn saints,
    Pining for pious partners to pass with,
    To be unveiled in inimitable
    Time, when sanctioned love and blessed union comes;
    It issues from a heavenly storehouse
    Of holy sacraments; to at long last
    Cast aside potent stings of loneliness
    Peeks not even on life’s vast horizon,
    Possessed with numerous milestones before
    Courtship begins, as streams of Providence
    Take the saint through adverse, rigid rapids,
    God’s work of purity’s in progression,
    Placed on private paths of perseverance,
    Saints stagger along in bleak wilderness.
    To hold a hand and sing a hallowed song
    With one ordained from cosmic heights above,
    To love as Christ the Savior loved the Church
    Willing to lay down life upon the call,
    Braiding our being and becoming one flesh
    A semblance of empyreal quintessence,
    Wonder no more if it was meant to be,
    Purely preserved proved His purposeful plan,
    Shading younglings from world of sin and spoils,
    Weaned on fear and reverence for Holy God
    A small army reserved for righteous acts;
    “We march to the beat of the Savior’s drum!”
    If He would but just align life’s own stars
    Then finding my mate would fill me with praise;
    Pondering how His best’s worth waiting for.

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    I like the way you've used alliteration through some of this. The style reminds of the poem 'The Wanderer'.
    'God’s work of purity’s in progression,
    Placed on private paths of perseverance,' has a bit too much 'P' for me though. This is not the only place.

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    Thanks! Yes there's quite a few uses of alliteration with the letter 'P' in the above poem. And alliteration just happens to be one of my favorite literary devices, which I employ in both poetry and prose. Perhaps I did go a bit extreme with the use of the letter 'P', at the least I should have mixed it up a little. I'll look up the poem you referenced. Thanks again!

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