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Thread: Please Understand

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    Please Understand

    I wrote this sonnet after a conversation with someone I care about. I haven't fully explained to him that this is how I feel yet, but soon I will have to.

    Of course I want to believe we can last
    But time always wins and evírything ends
    Soon we will part, our fire dead and past
    Yet you think we can fight what life intends?

    Given the chance, each other we'll ruin
    Desire elapsed, resentment ensured
    Hope against hope would bring the undoing
    Of earned history, remembrance obscured

    And maybe our finish is not our doom
    Rather the savior of sweet memory
    Our expiration date above us looms
    Instant grief, but fondness in reverie

    So choose the lesser of these sorry fates
    Lose now or worse later, sorrow awaits

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    If that is what you want to say then it makes sense. When I say "everything" I pronounce it with three syllables. If that is how you pronounce it then you don't need to write "ev'rything" because there is no syllable that you are missing. He would likely argue that no one knows what life intends and there is no comparison of the sorrows we experience.

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