Each element in nature has its distinct nature and sub nature. Like earth has its nature of solidness and its sub-nature represents quality of life-creation, water and air’s nature is smell and touch. The quality of their combination is creation and sustenance of life. Space’s nature is sound, its quality is vastness. Similarly all categories of creation on earth also have their innate-nature and qualities. But the essence of them all is beauty. A beautiful scene in nature is not represented alone by a tree, waterfall, birds, flowers or the lake. Fruitful trees dance with joy and their moving branches and leaves produce music. Majestic waterfall on hard stones, create sounds of music, birds flying in rhythms, their wings touching the air, tree leaves and surface of the lake, resounds vibrations of music. The joy which blend them all is beauty. The one thing common in them all is beauty. Same way, the joy in human beings, produces beauty. Beauty is not compounded in any one of them as it permeates their all classes. The essence of joy, combined together of all the humanity, is beauty. To seek beauty in one person or to make him/her the epitome of beauty is fallacious, that is why, mind wander from one beauty to another because no one person contain the essence of a class--- beauty is a subject not an object. It belongs to all class of persons (humanity), not just to one individual, so our aim should be the subject not an object. In such wider aspects individuals do not count, it is the totality of the class of individuals which count.
Each individual is an important constituent of creation. But in the expanse of nature, even the earth loses its significance. In our milky- ways there are countless stars, whose light has not yet touched the earth, even though aeons have gone by since their creation and they are much bigger and older than the earth. Nothing is indispensable in this transitory world. We must seek those aspects of nature which are also found in us, which are permanent in nature and would lead us to a world, which is permanent. We must try to find the permanent ingredients which constitute that world and lead us to a world, which is permanent. We must try to find the permanent ingredients which constitute that world and reject/ignore all those which are, not only transitory and superfluous but rather an impediment in our search of that world. That is, we should reject the artificiality of experience and seek only the factuality of Reality.
In the regard, you had also raised on objection that while doing so, we would become recluse of the society.