Imagine an intellectual sitting atop the roof of earth planet and enjoying its full view! For him, it might be the end of his search. But the hunger of a cosmologist will not be quenched until he has solved the riddle of Creation and found the ToE (Unified-Theory-of-Everything).
If we cannot know the extent of our ignorance, at least we can be aware of our limited knowledge (intellect). As ignorance can only be rewarded with the light of knowledge (wisdom), therefore the panacea is to increase our knowledge. With more and more knowledge, we are bound to realise the extent of our ignorance. The tool to be utilized for the purpose is intelligence. It is intelligence, which begets intelligence. Ignorance brings darkness, intelligence removes it. And it is ever-pervading, omnipresent and embodied in our selves. Not knowing our potential is the highest state of ignorance! What is to be known about it since it is there already? Waves want to know the existence of ocean from where they originated and in which they ‘exist’! What a classic case of ignorance!
As the constitution of water is hydrogen plus oxygen, the body is not mere bones, flesh and blood, but five elements and its principle is Aathma— the Self! Similarly the basis of Aathmik-Reality is Intelligence-Wisdom-Bliss (Sath-Chith-Anandh), i.e. Truth/Being-Awareness-Bliss. If we have to realise the existence (knowledge) of Aathma—the Reality—then we (our intellect) have to come out of the spheres (influences) of body-mind and imagination and be in its pure form. The major confusion in this regard comes up, when we compare or misconstrue the roles of gross body and its subtle bodies viz., senses of perception, mind and imagination. Even human intellect—data-bank of external world, falls into this category.
Human body along with its tools is natural phenomena and their role in its scheme of things is natural too. If we are to know or understand the mysteries of the external world (Nature), the best tools for the job are the same tools, with which we are embodied, i.e. body-mind-intellect. Our intellect is empowered to unravel the secrets of Nature along with its basic formulae too. But to know and understand, what lies at the base of (source) of Creation (Nature) itself, human tools prove insufficient to probe those fields which are beyond its ken; as human mind is not equipped with the hard disc that attunes us with Divinity. And this fact is no more an occult science. Though this fact is not new, as our ancient masters much before Pathanjali, had established the inscrutable truth, that Self (Truth/Reality) Itself was embedded in our-selves: Thus no new ‘finds’ are necessary to prove the already proven truths! We have only to find out and tread the trodden path—of spirituality—to realise the Ultimate-Reality; as physicists are eager to find the ToE. In the former case, one has to realise the already ‘existing Truth, whereas in the latter, we are still in the process of acquiring the ultimate knowledge of Nature! The knowledge of Nature is always acquired, as it is already there. The theory of water or gravity did not discover water or gravity, as these are already there. Similarly Divinity too is there, within us, only to be realised! Only It has to be realised, not acquired.