More precisely, all gross bodies in the ephemeral world, which are involved in the creative process, are possessed with patent and latent (conscious) memory. The activation (awareness) of memory is intelligence. The conscious of patent (physical world) is—Mind, whereas the ‘awareness’ of the latent (subtle and casual) is Divine Consciousness (Brahman-Chethna).
The individual mind, when becomes ‘aware’ of its ignorance or has exhausted its limits of knowledge and has become ‘aware’ of its totality of knowledge— which is very meager indeed—it automatically becomes aware of its true Self, which is Universal-Consciousness, the Cosmic-Self (Consciousness).
The conscious (patent) brain cells (activated memory) is the individual mind and when the self has known itself or has become aware of its stored knowledge, its conscious transcends its limitlessness and realises its limitations, which was never latent! So both states are part of the physical brain; the physical (gross) mind and the Cosmic-Mind. The Self is the totality of knowledge—patent and latent—that each brain supports. Once the delusion of misconception—that the gross mind’s ‘existence/being is because of its involvement with the external world and is thus of the physical world only—is removed by accepting the fact that not only the matter but its subtle and casual constituents, also belong to the same Origin: The Creator—whether It be the Supreme-Intelligence/ToE, or Its creation, cannot be differentiated as two separate entities. As Newton’s theory of Gravity or Einstein’s theory of Relativity are not separate from Creation, equally the elements and the constituents, and the more subtle forces which created them, are also not separate or identical from their Creator—Nature. Then how Nature can be identical and separate from its Principle—Divinity (Reality)? As intelligence cannot be separated from the intelligent, it cannot be separated from its Creator! As each body has in it its source of creation (spermatozoa), the mind, which is its embodiment, has in it its creator—the intelligence. We only need to ‘know’ its constituents of PraJnaanam—Supreme-Intelligence. All of these ‘elements’ are in our mind (brain), only we have to ‘know’ of them (the constituents). We are the body; we are the mind; the intelligence; the Aathma; and the Supreme-ParamAathma! Because these are embodied in us! Why don’t we try to ‘know’ (realise) this also, as we are pursuing the knowledge of the physical world? Why don’t we pursue the intelligence which is its embodiment, as we are ‘discovering’ the intelligence in the physical world? Should we not try to discover the source of this intelligence, which is embedded in our own brain, because it is the same brain, which is discovering intelligence in the external world? There is no such thing as external and internal worlds—both are One: One is the subtle aspect of its projections (the second). That’s all there is to ‘know or realise’!
These simple truths are beyond the discerning minds of the so-called rationalists. Because no intellectual, scholar or a rationalist can ever imagine that there is a higher state of conscious! We have confined, rather imprisoned our minds, with superficial boundaries of caste, creeds and regions; resulting in the down gradation of our intellectual level. We have relegated to the junkyards of our minds, those subjects which pursued truth. Philosophy, physical science and spiritualism are no more as important as the social sciences, which have taken their places. Very few students go for fine arts and pure science subjects. Hardly any college has post graduation program for philosophy. Being a learner, this l.s. has been associating with the top brains of his times, but to his surprise, he has not come across a single dignitary, who ever made any sincere endeavor for the extension of his ‘thought’! Their creativity was confined only within the syllabi of their text books or the classics of western novelists, dramatists and historians. Standards of modern writer’s creativity, is very poor and irrelevant; with the result that our universities are churning out students with useless baggage of degrees, which do not earn them their livelihood even. Degrees are bought and ‘creative’ writers have ghost writers, whose only expertise is data collection from rubbish surveys, in the name of scholarly papers. The fault does not lie in our genes but with the system of education. These rationalists have followed only one path that of materialism—read commercialism—while completely ignoring the inner significance of the finer sciences, which put life into the material (inorganic) world.
Physical world and its subtle constituents are not separate from each other. These ignoramuses have made a divide, as they did with earth’s topography by creating artificial boundaries in the name of nations. They have divided the indivisible ‘Conscious’ into external and internal worlds. Being all permeating and subtler than any elements of Nature, it simply cannot be tinkered with. These ingenious have further divided it into so many sub-conscious levels that its projection—the mind, is compartmentalized into even more segmentation. Ego, which is a non-entity, has been attributed into four facets viz. wealth, progeny, culture and economy. All of these are related to one’s way of life