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    Question Next read

    I have read:
    Woman in White
    Black Robe
    Queen of Hearts

    What should be next three to five reads?

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    Armadale should definately be your next read. It's a little in the line of The Woman in White which I consider to be his best novel. Armadale is not only extremely exciting but the characters are all well drawn.

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    I've not read either The Black Robe or Queen of Hearts. What would you say their merits are? I have read The Moonstone but did not enjoy it as much as either The Woman in White or Armadale because it seemed a little flat and slow. However, that is not to say that I did not enjoy the book. I like the characters, especially Betteredge and Rachel Verinder, whose character traits were really well expressed. What was your opinion of The Moonstone?
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