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Thread: Hello World,

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    Hello World,

    I kinda crashed around here some time ago
    And didn't know if I should give it a go -
    Insecurity and such low self-esteem
    Made me think writing was just a dream.

    So, I'm giving it a go here and now, because I want some honest opinions, constructive or destructive critique on a blog I got back to after quite some time.

    Don't know if I should link it here or not, but ; and if there's anyone that end up there and reads something, please give me some feedback, would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Just a quick warning, LitNet is much quieter this year than normal. Hope you get a response. I had a careful read of the post and can see it has potential. You write well, it seems to be an interesting post. I found it it difficult to understand what you were getting at, so I hope others will give you feedback.

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