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Thread: Best Translation of Il Convito

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    Question Best Translation of Il Convito

    I have been reading Musa's translation of the Vita Nuova lately and was ready to start The Commedia after finishing (I've read the Hollander translation before, but have a new translation I am looking forward to reading). However, Musa's notes make references to Il Convitio and I was thinking I would instead like to read it next. Does anyone have a translation they would recommend? Any advice is appreciated.

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    I cannt help you here, as I read it in portuguese, but, while Dante is always Dante, Il Convito is a more technical/phisolophical book, almost a literary Critic Dante is making about himself, so the translation has less impact than the translations of Vita Nuova and Commedia, and I wouldn't delay much the reading because of this element. It is a very interesting reading to give you insights of what is Dante trying to achive in both works and how his philosophy would influence the upcoming humanism, but not needed and will not give specific insights about the commedy, except perhaps, how and why the muse Beatrice was developed.

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