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Thread: Came Back after a while

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    Came Back after a while

    I was somewhat acquainted with the forum a while back, but then I had to take a absence due to a lack of free time. I am back and I am looking to get back into reading more as occurences in my life have made frequent reading difficult. (I went from about 3 books a week and 1 or 2 every 2-3 months)

    I really love gothic novels, but I am open to just about anything. I would love to talk more on just about any topic imaginable, I am fairly open. I have worked freelance as an artist, journalist and write. I have publishes in local literary arts magazines and am hoping to hone my craft.

    Hello everyone!

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    I also have been gone for awhile. now I'm back for now.

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    Hi TheLhix and Wizard and welcome back! I have been gone for several years (not sure if has been three or five) but am back for the time being as well

    Would love to talk about anything related to literature, poetry, or writing.
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