Before I start this I want whoever gets this to know that so much of what we believe is just not true. Now that I gave you that very vague beginning let me get into detail. I- Marcus j. Williams have somehow walked right into, well what seems to be the next world over. Have you looked at pictures of earth from above and thought "Something doesn't look right" or "I don't remember that being there" and thinking well. I must just be geographically challenged. No, You're not, you're not wrong at all. Why do they say that we haven't discovered 70% of our oceans but have somehow still been able to get from one destination to the next traveling in those same places that are "Undiscovered"? I know I sound crazy and you probably don't believe but all I can really say is...they know. most of the ocean has been discovered and that big gap of ocean we always notice is the edge. Yes, the edge of the earth and I have passed through. It wasn't easy though.

Lets just start here. Im from florida and I have been training to be sailor for years. There just so much to know about the oceans and seas and I needed to know everything I could possibly understand. More of our world is water anyway its best to know how to survive and maybe even live in it. After about 6 years of learning I was 24 and well stupid, stupid and curious just don't mix well. I figured I knew enough to just go and thats what I did. Im really just skimming through this I know, I just don't have a lot of time right now to say everything. I will explain more details when I get another chance to write to you.

What was the point of taking the sea alone at 24 with a limited supply of food and a basic water filter? I actually wanted to bust a myth. you probably guessed it. The Bermuda triangle. Look I know its silly and yes its a really messed up place but its actually only scary during certain seasons of the year. See imagine It as a door between two worlds. The Bermuda triangle is really just the bottom of a staircase that leads to a door and during most of the year that first step is hidden, but once you stumble across it, unfortunately there is no turning back. It really is quite small and thats why the amount of disappearances is low but I was not so lucky. I just kept going though. I didn't resist or panic and I knew something had changed in the air. Ever seen purple clouds? First time for me too. my boat was suddenly above the water and I noticed its color went from a deep blue to crystal clear but I knew it was there.

After I had been traveling for some time now I noticed The sun wasn't setting but just distancing deeper and deeper into space until it became just another distant star it was like we began moving away from each other, and the moon began to rise from behind far away mountains and as it rose its silvery body was lighting the night sky and all the stars began to dance as if, excited to see kin they hadn't in years. it circles the sky with bliss slowly but surely and I just watch in complete awe. This all happened in maybe 30 minutes and as the moon made its very noticeable rotations I noticed the boat had just stopped. I looked down to see that Under the boat was a silver ground beneath the boat but the crystal-like water was still about an inch above it. I got out and started walking. I wanted to cry and laugh I felt so many things but most of all I just felt unfamiliar and like an alien trespassing into a world that was too beautiful for me to be in. As I looked into the wondrous sky a thought came to my mind. Some things are only beautiful because they are unfamiliar. It gave me a greater appreciation for my own night sky. I would look at it more if I knew how beautiful it was. Id pay attention more to the sun rises. I wonder if aliens find our planet beautiful. I wonder if the people who live here find their sky beautiful. I wonder why some things that are different and distorted seem scary and even not so beautiful to us but seeing this sky makes me happy whats different about it gives me peace. This could all be my mind though and how I perceive. For all I know this could be heaven... My heaven. Who's to say all of our heavens are the same? This story goes on and on but for now Im tired...