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Thread: Carlos and Aaliyah's argument

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    Carlos and Aaliyah's argument

    Aaliyah waited for Carlos by the front door. She had been there for some time before Carlos finally made his way around the corner.
    "Aaliyah..." He said warmly as he approached her. "Our comrades have only given us a few days to spend together... and..." He added before his voiced trailed off.
    She looked at him curiously as she gently turned his head towards hers.
    "And?" She asked.
    Carlos chuckled nervously. "We've been together for over half a year, and not just that, but we've spent every waking moment together. Don't you believe that it is time that we take our relationship a step further?" He asked, feeling somewhat flustered. He felt perplexed about wanting to be closer to her, but every time that he tried to be, she always shifted the discussion at hand or went to do other things.
    Aaliyah did not respond and seemed to take a moment to think about what he said.
    She bit her lower lip.
    "I want to be..." She finally replied. "But I want it to be at a moment of my choosing, not yours." She added as the tone of her voice shifted for the worse.
    Carlos pulled back for a brief period, he couldn't believe what he had just heard. Following a gasp, he said "So basically... what I want, doesn't matter?"
    Aaliyah rolled her eyes in response and sighed, before she turned around and opened her apartment door. She walked through and left it open for Carlos, but she didn't as much as address his previous question.
    She pulled her pony tail apart and let the bangs of her hair fall forward, covering her face.
    Carlos paced into her apartment rather quickly, feeling somewhat flustered from her attitude; which he was aware, happened all too often. "Why do you always have to be like this?" He asked her.
    She spun around immediately. "Like what?" She asked angrily.
    Carlos shook his head. "This attitude of yours. When something doesn't go your way, you act like this."
    "How the ___ is that even relevant?" She screamed at him. "You are asking me for something that I'm not sure that I'm ready for. How is that reflective of my attitude whatsoever?" She then paced towards her kitchen cabinet and hurriedly looked for something to drink.
    However, both Carlos and Aaliyah had been gone for some time, so much to her dismay, there nothing left to drink her problems away with. As a result, she spun around and crossed her arms, looking in the direction opposite to Carlos.
    Carlos knew what he was going to say to her, but he figured that it was best if he did not say anything at all.
    At that moment there came a familiar knock from the front door. "Is this... a bad time?" Michael asked as he peered in.
    Aaliyah looked at him through the bangs of her hair, his presence brought a smile to her face.
    "No," She replied after a few moments of silence. "We were discussing..." She began as she looked at Carlos with a studying sort of glance. "Forget it, I don't even know what we were discussing." She finished as she pulled herself away from the counter. She walked towards Michael and greeted him warmly, while intentionally ignoring Carlos altogether.

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    She pulled her pony tail apart and let the bangs of her hair fall forward, covering her face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nguyenlinh1511 View Post
    She pulled her pony tail apart and let the bangs of her hair fall forward, covering her face.
    Thank you,

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    Basically liked this piece, the descriptions of the characters,their movements. all quite natural. But I'm not buying the guy is still mis-reading her after a year and a half. he actually has to ask her permission to take intimacy to the next level? He's a loser before he's even begun. That's like a teenager asking to kiss a girl instead of just going for it.

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