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Thread: What is this poem

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    What is this poem

    A lover left me a poem on a piece of paper before disappearing for good! The poem had been torn in half, the suggestion being that my lover had taken the other half of the paper. My half reads 'All of are worth less used to if we toge'. But the way it is laid out on the paper is as follows:

    All of
    Are worth less
    Used to
    If we

    Does anybody know what the completed poem is and who wrote it? I am desperate to find out.

    Many Thanks

    D. Jonathan Fletcher

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    Perhaps this link:

    ... or more succinctly: "All of these words are worth less than the breath used to say them if we cannot be together"

    I cannot find who the poem/saying is attributed to... will keep looking.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
    tailor STATELY
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    That looks really right, tailor. I like the combination of the two cups approach.

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    Thanks Tailor!!!!

    I'm guessing my lover has the other peice of paper with the other half of the message on it.... so weird that they left me and wrote that :-/

    Does anyone know where this is form? Its kind of beautiful you know?

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    Hi guys Ive been really searching and I actully think this poem is by this guy Rod Ryan. Anyway thanks for your help! Thanks so much - thanks a million - a billion actually. Much love.

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