‘Note in the bedroom’ by Nathan Cook

This isn’t my story of me overcoming my fears, my captor or whatever this is simply telling you the reasons for what is coming, hopefully somehow something good will come of this though. I guess I should start at the beginning
It was late at night when he entered my room. I was nearly asleep but the loud bang snapped me completely out om my deloused thoughts of slumber. I heard him open my door but I was too scared to move, to try and defend myself, to stop my attacker. I don’t think he realised I was awake as I din move I just lay there.
He jumped on my back covering my mouth s I couldn’t scream, though I don’t think I could have anyway. The fear started rushing through me I didn’t know I was going to be raped assaulted or worse, killed. He whispered slowly in my ear “listen here your going to do exactly what I say, understand”. I nodded slowly.
“Good. Now stand up and if u make any sound or try to escape I will shoot you” he stated as he removed a gun from his pocket. I complied, standing shaking.
“Clothes off now” he told me as he removed his own still never taking his eyes off me. I started to cry but terrified of what he may do if I refused started taking off my clothes until I was simply in my underwear and bra.
“And the rest” throwing his clothes across the room. I couldn’t. I was too scared to refuse but I couldn’t move so he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me across the room and threw me onto my bed.
“Please, please just leave I wo…”

“Shut up” he screamed punching me in the face. I started crying and as I did so he ripped the rest of his clothes off and then the rest of mine. He shoved his ripped underwear in my mouth so I couldn’t scream as he proceeded to rape me. I got my first proper look at him, he was about 40 well built with muscular legs and arms and a six pack, he was bald and very tall but I couldn’t see his face.
This went on for at least an hour but every time he almost ejaculated he made sure to pull out and wipe his dick clean. He wasn’t dumb he knew he could be identified with a semen sample by the police but this stopped that from being a possibility.
When he finished I started crying again. He whispered “this was fun I might come back and do it again” this made me cry even worse then he continued “or you could come with me”. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me through my house and out my front door to his car where he proceeded to pour something on a cloth.
“No please no” I whimpered as he placed the cloth on my face.
“It’ll all be over soon” he stated as the world slowly went dark.