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    How could someone say this book is garbage! Do they not understand the concept or what!? I'm not even past chapter 3 and this book has already grabbed my attention. This book may not be for the person reading it, but that could possibly be because they don't like to read or they just didn't read it through. This book has to be one of the best books I've ever read so far.

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    No Subject

    Piece of garbage? Old geezers? Did you even read the book? Or, was it just too mature for the likes of you? I do believe it was. Clearly you hated it so much because you didn't understand it. You had no idea what the meaning of the book was and therefore chose to give a bad review to allow yourself to sound a lot smarter than you are. Here's some advice. Don't give your opinion unless you know what you're talking about, in this case, you really don't.

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    Absolute Cr*p

    This is the worst book ever. I personally have no idea how anyone could enjoy this. I had to read this for an English class or I never would have come within 20 feet of a 200 page romance novel. I fell asleep after about three pages and thought I would never get through this entirely long piece of garbage. I really was looking forward to Heathcliff dying so the stupid thing would be done but that takes quite a while. Overall this is like reading the life story of three very old geezers. Stay away from this book!

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