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Thread: 1984 Big Brother

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    1984 Big Brother

    When O'Brien is torturing Winston he is given the opportunity of asking questions to O'Brien, he asks some that brought a question to me. One is that he asks if Big Brother exists and O'Brien of course says that he is the embodiment of The Party. But Winston asks back if he exists the same way himself exist, O'Brien answers back that Winston does not exist. Winston simply describes how he was alive and shall die but O'Brien still answers that Big Brother exists. O'Brien says back to Winston that Big Brother will never die, he is the life of The Party. Simply the way he says this make me think that Big Brother must not exist at all it is simply a figure they made up for the people to follow. Does Big Brother truly exist? For me the answer is no. The true ruler is the very Inner Party who do what they want.

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    Big Brother as a person doesn't exist but he does exist as a figure head of the Party, someone they maid to face to the party. In a sense Big Brother is the members of the party.

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