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Thread: Can someone please help explain what exactly a critical thought piece is?

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    Can someone please help explain what exactly a critical thought piece is?

    So our Religion professor gave us 3 potential topics to write about for our "critical thought paper". This is the one I chose to go with
    Compare and contrast the role, status and regulations regarding women in two traditions that we studied.

    Now, it says to compare and contrast between two traditions. Sure, that doesn't sound like a problem but that does not bring any 'critical thought' whatsoever. I'm trying to understand how to bring critical thinking into this paper.

    The religions/traditions that we're allowed to choose between are islam, judaism, chrsitinaity, zoroastrianism or voodoo.

    When searching about it online, it says that I should be taking a position and then write my essay based on that, basically a persuasive/argumentative essay. If I was to create a very basic thesis for example I would say "Women in Judaism are valued more than women in Islam". Then from this point I'd create arguments to support this and compare/contrast the differences between the two religions. Is this what I should be doing? Or should I be looking at it more at an analytical standpoint? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Accidentally posted in the wrong section, sorry. I'm not sure if I can delete this.
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    How long does the paper have to be. You want to carefully select an argument that can be argued in the space you have.

    Your example strikes me as a somewhat weak thesis. It's too broad to cover coherently in a short paper. I'm not sure what you should write though. I can think of a few ideas like differing interpretations of similar passages from shared religious texts, differing views on shared religious figures (Abraham/Moses/Jesus). Brainstorm some ideas of what similarities there are and then look closely at those similarities to unravel what differences appear, and how those differences may be illuminating to some sort of argument.
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    If you are still there, Jake, be sure to check out your duplicate post which also has suggestions. I agree with Pip that your hypothesis is weak. Christianity and Islam have existed for more than a millenium in various social forms, so if you want to keep that hypothesis you are going to have to be much more specific.

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    Voodoo dolls man! The New York punk-rock band . Lots to get your critical talons into there

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