In 1984, all of the characters are very emotionless. It seems that Big Brother has beaten all of the feelings that human beings have for each other out of everyone. You can see this when Winston is telling Julia about the last time that he saw his mother. Winston had taken his sister's piece of chocolate and ran away, but when he returned home no one was there. He assumed that his mother had been taken to a re-education camp. While telling Julia about this sad story, she didn't care at all, she was falling asleep during his story. The characters don't have any sympathy. Another time this was shown was when Winston was telling Julia about how he wanted to push his wife off of a cliff. Julia was not surprised to hear about this at all, in fact she said that he should have done it. Also, when Syme was vaporized Winston did not feel upset at all, even though he considered Syme to be one of his only friends. Even though Syme was considered to be one of his only friends, their relationship was far from it. In 1984, the characters don't have the same feelings that people in a regular society have. Big Brother doesn't allow for people to care about one another in a loving way. Everybody is just there and not really feeling.