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Thread: K9 (short story)

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    K9 (short story)

    K9 by Kurtis Payne

    I am suddenly awoken by a slow water drizzle dropping down on my head. I sit solitary in a void box of cold damp concrete. The black hole darkness consumes all and commands me to stay in place like a statue.

    Hours later light begins to crawl to me. The light flows around the rough black soot metal bars like water. My weak body drags me across the ground to the door. I gaze out to see three cells identical to mine. In the first is a tall slender figure. In the second is someone who is impossible to make out. The third houses something small and strangely mesmerizing.

    “Am I alone?” cries the occupant of the third cell. I can tell by the voice that it is a girl. “Be quiet they will hear you!” Screams an equally scared sound from the first cell. There is total silence as whatever is in cell two clears its throat. “They do not speak our language so it does not matter if they hear us.” The deep booming voice was calm and out of place compared to the whimpering the other cells produced.

    A buzzer sounds and a door is burst open. It takes three gargantuan steps until it stops outside cell one. The behemoth of a creature begins to tediously fiddle with the door. “I told you to be quiet!” screams the one in cell one. The door is opened and a violent primal wrestle begins.

    Now there are only three of us in this gloomy place. It starts raining cats outside which accurately projects the mood which has spread. I cannot get the black and white image of that monstrous being out of my head. I am so haunted by it I can even feel its massive leather rough hands grab me from my cell. How can I resist against such a beast? As concerned as I am for myself my thoughts always seem to wonder over to cell three. All I can see is a sobbing curled up heap. Her eyes are pinned open as she stares in the exact same spot. I want to help her but what can I possibly do?

    I can’t just let her cry I need to comfort her. I lie to her and tell her that everything is going to be ok. She glances over and gives me the same smile as before but I can tell she is not convinced. What if I can escape? I frantically look around outside my cell. The exit is a thick silver steel door which looks like a vault door. The door is so enormous that even If I somehow knew the combination for the door I wouldn’t even be able to reach it. I fall into pit of hopelessness.

    The buzzer sounds and my heart stops. It comes out straight to my cell. With my tail between my legs I accept my fate. I am taken to a disorienting bright room and placed on a silver operating table. She picks up a long needle and strokes my head with tears rolling down her face.

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    If this is part 1 its a good start, look forward to reading more.

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