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    1984 control

    They use the telescreens to control people, but for the proles who are unable to afford the telescreens how are they able to control the Proles. Also when the Proles are fighting over the pots and pans why is Winston upset.

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    The Proles are controlled by their own lack of knowledge. They are not perceived as a threat therefore they do not find it necessary to have them under surveillance. Winston is upset because he notices that everyone is getting upset over small things rather than the most important issue, big brother.

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    It's been a while since I have read 1984 so I cannot answer the second question, and this is from remembrance. I think it was simply the case that the elite, the 15 per cent, were complicit in the system the Party had created, while the proles, the other 85 per cent, they were simply incapable of rationalising their experience and realising what was going on, or when some of them did they could not mobilise a resistance. It came down to a lack of ability, I think. So the party simply did not need to watch them, as they were entirely confident that the proles would never resist, at least not on a large enough scale to make a lasting impact.

    Someone who has read the novel more recently might be able to correct me if I am wrong though, or add nuance to this.
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    They control the proles by their own ignorance, hence the saying "Ignorance is bliss. " The proles don't know even to care about what Big Brother is doing. They don't know that there was a better world. They don't even realize how oppressed they really are. All the proles know is what they have. Winston sees the proles fighting over the pots and pans, he is immediately upset because the proles could take down Big Brother, but they are so worried about unimportant things. Big Brother has complete control over the proles by giving them things like the lottery to distract them from rebellion. Even without telescreens, Big Brother still has complete control.

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