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Thread: RIP Carlos Alberto

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    RIP Carlos Alberto

    When I was 12, For a couple of weeks the greatest football team there has ever been, graced our telly. It was the 1970 World Cup and Brazil were playing a game we were not familiar with. It was brash and skillfull, fast and slow, each player had vision and panache, they were a team of individual super stars playing together in a new way. It was the Shock of the New, football went from black and white to colour, it would never be the same, it has never been as good. That summer the "the Beautiful Game" was born. The Captain who had the respect and skill to lead that team was the great Carlos Alberto. He died this week at the age of 72. Rest in peace Carlos .
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    Thanks for opening this thread, Prendre!This team was really awesome!
    Rest in peace, Carlos Alberto!
    "You can always find something better than death."
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