Thanks god you have awaken! It`s me, Coralline. Do you remember me? I am your neighbor. I know you`ll try hard to look what are around you, i am sorry to say this but you are blind, totally blind. The fire accident made you lost your sight. But don`t worry, I`ll stand beside you. Wherever you go, i`ll be with you. I`ll take care of you until your last breath. One more thing, you can`t speak or sing like what you did before because the doctor said that your vocal fold was injured because of that fire accident. I am sorry i can`t help you from the accident. I really am. Ah! Forget about it, let`s have a fresh air outside.

I bought your wheelchair yesterday, how does it feel? It feels good? Thanks . . . you know what? I broke my piggy bank to buy you a wheelchair. Long ago, i saved my money there to buy a camera to take a picture of you, but you need my money more than i, so i decided to spent my money for you. Do you feel the air? It`s so fresh! I always remember when you sat here with your girlfriend. I wonder when will i feel that? So the time is come. Do you want some ice cream? Or Hotdog? I prefer ice cream because i know your girlfriend love ice cream like you are. So wait here and i`ll buy you some ice cream . . .

Ta-da! Here is an ice cream for you. Oh! I am sorry! I will serve it for you. Say aaa! That`s my boy. One more honey, Aaaaa!! Why you resist? Oh! What? I don`t understand. Paper? You mean paper? Okay okay... Pen? Here you go! What you gonna do with that? Ann? You mean your girlfriend? She`s gone. . . the doctor said she died, she couldn`t breath and fire pulverize her. Why you asked me about her? Do you have no interest to me? Listen. . . I spent many years and many months to make this day happened, so don`t mess it up. Don`t make me do any bad things again Mr. Handsome! I do it all for you and me. So enjoy it and make it fun. I forgive you this time, because you are handsome and i love you so much. Hmmmm... Let`s go to my house! Go!

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