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Thread: I lost my novel...

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    I lost my novel...

    For the past year I have been working earnestly hard on my novel. It began with a simple thought and eventually, I expanded that thought and created an entire world! The novel eclipsed 50,000 words and I had everything organized; from a synopsis to a layout of every chapter, among other things; but, my desktop video card fried and now I am unable to recover the documents from it!!!! What should I do?

    Pegasus Publications was interested in pursuing my novel and they wanted a full manuscript by November.

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    I know saying I'm sorry to hear it won't help, so I'll spare you. With something that important, I would definitely recommend seeking professional help in retrieving the document. If that proves impossible, I can only tell you the story of Thomas Carlysle, who sent John Stuart Mill the only manuscript of the massive first volume of his history of the French Revolution. Mill's housekeeper mistook it for trash and burned it. Devastated but undaunted, Carlylse sat down and wrote it all over again. Sometimes you just have to be tough. Good luck, man.

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