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Thread: Poetry of an Adolescent

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    Poetry of an Adolescent

    Just a bit of angst from the bottom of my still-developing heart.

    You know what I've found?
    All my surroundings are rock hard dry ground.
    Everything that I've cared for,
    Every dream good or bad,
    Every love I've imagined,
    Every joy that I've had Brought a mountain of suffering
    Brought a truck-load of pain
    Before fading to nothing,
    Leaving only a stain.
    But one shining in sweetness
    Has captured me free,
    Washing all stains with bloodshed,
    When he died loving me.

    Before time began ticking
    He set me apart.
    And when vanity's finished,
    He will still have my heart.

    So while everything's fading
    (Cause what's not real can't last),
    Amidst dissipating
    I find in my past

    One who is faithful,
    One who can heal,
    Only one who has been there,
    Only one who is real.

    With such truth set plain,
    How wrong it would be
    Not to pour all I am
    On that one who loves me.
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    Barely There

    Barely a place that's left unburned,
    Barely a bone thats not been broken,
    Barely an insult I've not heard,
    Barely a harsh word left unspoken.

    There's hardly a treasute not yet tossed,
    And barley a dream I haven't lost,
    I've met good people - I've seen them lie.
    I've seen good wills and watched them die.

    And yet somehow, I've stayed quite strong
    with one thing I kept holding on,
    A fortress round my deepest part,
    And yet somehow you found my heart?

    I know your worthless, but such a theft!
    To steal that one thing I have left!
    I beg again to intervene.
    Your silence ends my one last dream.

    I knew you'd leave and now you're gone.
    Strangle the air I'm counting on.
    The last thing I let no one take
    you quickly found a way to break.

    One thing I treasured, that you tossed.
    It gives you pleasure to see me lost?

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    I am the eternally penultimate one.
    Zealous for life.
    Ramparts of fear fortress my soul,
    I am the hidden one.

    I am the showman,
    My heart the shrapnel
    For another man's mirth.
    Sobriquet: Louse.

    I am a submarine, or at least I'm subnormal.
    I am submersed in a subfamily subdued.
    I am the subject,
    But maybe subhuman.
    At least I'm subjective.

    Subliminal forces concocted my soul.
    I am subpar, “they” say,
    And I'll never recover.

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    I liked "Barely There" the best. You have a good ear for the meter in a line. There are some typos in the second stanza: "treasute" and "barley".

    I also liked the introductory comment: "Just a bit of angst from the bottom of my still-developing heart."

    Welcome! There are some poetry contests you might be interested in:

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