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    Chapter 14

    Part II

    Coming soon!

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    Chapter 14 Part II

    The Fall of Silk City

    Fire rains down on the city. Sums of slaves and guards are set on fire along with streets surrounding the town square. Giant spiders and statues continue their brawl just outside the town square, neither giving in even though most are missing arms and legs. The Destroyers' dragons serpentine back and forth in the sky, one clone says to another "If we rule the sky we rule this city! Burn it to the ground!" The dragons release large sums of fire from their mouths and completely cut off the town square from the rest of the city. Viktus' aide exclaims "We're cut off! Our reinforcements can't get through!" Atriox fires off influence bolts into the sky, he downs one dragon but the others quickly disperse. Viktus grins "Silly subject, it's they who are trapped with us." He turns toward Atriox "Stir them up, when they're on the ground we'll have to work together to vanquish so many." The aide asks "How are you-" the ground shifts as Atriox fires two large streams of fire from either arm, containing the dragons from flying outside the limits of the town square.

    The scene shifts to a birds eye view of the city from miles away, black smoke billows up, but then four portals are revealed outside the city limits. Each stacked on top of each other in groups of two. Two massive fireballs fall in an endless loop into one portal then its pair. The fireballs are moving incredibly quickly because the portals are nearly onto of each other. Viktus grins "My turn" he summons the portals to the town square. One opens from the ground and a massive fireball shoots out, the other from the sky letting the other fireball fly out as well. With no time to react the fireballs collide in midair, vaporizing dozens of clones, the others fall from the sky. A handful of Destroyers rain down to the town square, exploding into green acid as they hit the ground. A giant statue notices the seen and hurrys to catch the original. He storms through the fire and sprawls out to catch the Destroyer at the last second. He sighs with relief but then his head is shot clean of by Atriox.

    The statue releases its grip and out plops a smokey weakened Destroyer. He holds his head in pain, his vision blurry as he sees the two silhouettes of Viktus and Atriox in front of him. The scene shifts to The Director running through the hallways of the castle. There aren't many guards since most went outside to the battle but he does encounter some resistance. Two guards with swords stand at the entrance of the dungeon "Stop!" They scream but he doesn't. They influence jump to him and try and stab him but he blocks the attack with his influence bladed arms. He charges the inferno stone into his head and flames pour out of his mouth killing one of the guards. The other guard teleports behind him and goes for the kill but the Director skillfully dodges by crouching down. The sword swooshes past him and lodges in a stone pillar. The guard desperately tries to pull it out but to no avail. The Director tackles him to the ground and begins slashing at him profusely. He screams in rage as he continues slashing the corpse. He drops to his knees covered in purple blood, he has a flashback to his time in the army when he fought in the Iraq war. He shakes off the memory. Then turns toward the dungeon's door "Vix!"

    The scene shifts back to the town square. The original dragon contorts its body around The Destroyer and hisses. Atriox and Viktus chuckle as The Destroyer struggles to get to his feet, other clones still rain down, some of them surviving. "Is that all you've got?" Atriox scolds "You're no match for us." The Destroyer chuckles "You're right" panels zoom in on his eyes "I'm way out of your league." He fires a gold beam from his hand, it travels so quickly Viktus can't react. The beam pushes Atriox back hundreds of feet, wounding him some. Just then Viktus teleports a pile of rubble above The Destroyer, it comes crashing down but two of his clones vaporize it, one uses gold beams the other inferno blaze. "Not bad" Viktus admits. "Try this!" He thinks to himself and looks toward Atriox. Atriox gets to his feet and clutches his side, then his fists swell with rage and Inferno energy. He steps forward and releases a huge fireball that hurdles toward The Destroyer, his clones, and the dragon. The clones put one hand on the dragon then the three of them activate the Peace of Indifference which allows objects to pass through the user, like the flame of a candle. Black flames engulf their bodies as the massive attack goes right through them. The stone debris behind them is eradicated and the bodies of the group flicker and shift just like a flame. Viktus calls out "Ooooo most impressive, I do love the reality bending Peace's those ones are my favorite!" The Destroyer doesn't say anything, instead they deactivate the Peace to go on the offensive, The Peace of Indifference is the only Peace that takes time to recharge, the recharge time is usually triple the duration it's been used, in this case about 2 minutes.

    The Destroyers raise their fists, like a boxer they jab forward, each lunch releasing a fireball, the dragon behind them hisses and flaps its mighty wings, it increases the speed of the fireballs and a barrage hurdles toward Viktus. "Urg!" He screams, twirling his staff around and still glowing purple from his full power mode, he transforms the fireballs in front of him into sand. "He's using the Peace stone's unique ability!" The Destroyer thinks to himself. The other clones meet eyes then nod. The two clones continue the attack while the original flanks to the right. Viktus is too occupied by the fireballs to counterattack but he doesn't need to, Atriox comes charging forward and let's off another flame attack, red flames rush forward but as they pass Viktus he turns the flames into an unbearable frost. The frost attack quickly freezes the clones and dragon in their place, even some fireballs are frozen midair. The Destroyer looks shocked by the attack but doesn't change his course, he divides into six more Destroyers, each using the Iridescent Talisman to create a different metallic weapon. Some wield swords, others swords and shields, one opts for two razor sharp knives. They close in on Viktus, he motions his staff in front of them, flurries of purple influence hit them as he tries to change them into another element but it doesn't work. Viktus' eyes glow purple and he can see The Destroyer's are channeling a thin layer of influence around them. "Bastards!" Viktus exclaims meeting the group head on. Viktus' ability allows him to transform any element into another element but not influence. Since the Destroyers are shielded with influence he cannot transform them.

    Viktus teleports around the group, weaving in and out, attacking then retreating. He manages to teleport behind one clone and slash him in the back with his staff. As his staff breaks the plane of the clone's shield it allows Viktus to transform him, the clone turns to sand and falls to the ground. "Circle up!" A Destroyer exclaims, the group complying and grouping together back to back. They scan the area, their targets not in sight. Just then Atriox is teleported above them, he slams his fists down on the group, shattering the ground, hot lava pours out. The Destroyers jump out of the way at the last second, but dispersing leaves them vulnerable and Viktus influence jumps to three Destroyers, turning one to water, another to dirt, and the last to dust. With only two Destroyers left Atriox attacks one, the other is attacked by Viktus. The one with two knives lay on the ground, Viktus teleports on top of him and tries to get his staff to break the plane. The two knives, infused with influence, hold back the staff but it's a struggle. Viktus forces it closer toward the Destroyer's neck "Give up." Viktus whispers "You've lost."

    Behind them the frozen dragon starts to thaw. The ice begins melting and turning red around the dragons head. Atriox engages The Destroyer in front of him, the Destroyer summoning a shield and mace "Bring it on" The Destroyer beckons. Atriox slams his fist into the shield, it absorbs the punch but lava releases, barreling over The Destroyer's shoulder. He counters by swinging his mace into Atriox leg. He screams in pain, then continues his assault, shooting fireballs, punching the ground, flinging lava, the shield absorbs the lava but begins to melt. "Can't be helped." The Destroyer says aloud. He infuses the mace with golden energy and throws it like a tomahawk. The attack is fast but nearly misses Atriox; Atriox grins. The Destroyer doesn't miss a beat and follows up by infusing red influence into the shield, it comes alive and grows metallic legs and fangs like a spider. Atriox looks perplexed and with no time to react The Destroyer flings the shield onto Atriox. Atriox winces in pain as the near fireproof metal digs into his skin. The metal legs and fangs pierce him all over his body.

    Meanwhile, Viktus' staff is a mere inches away from The Destroyer's throat. He struggles but he can't get Viktus off him. He builds up influence in his throats and pours fire out onto Viktus, but as it rises it immediately turns to water and is splashed back onto The Destroyer. Golden beams rise from his eyes next but they too are turned to smoke. The smoke rises. As Atriox is occupied with the metallic spider the other Destroyer shoots a golden beam at Viktus, Viktus turns one arm and transforms the beam to dust. Viktus begins laughing profusely "HAHAHA THEY SHALL REMEMBER THIS DAY AS THE DAY VIKTUS SLAYED THE GREAT DESTROYER!!!"

    Pressing the staff ever so closely to The Destroyer's throat, The Destroyer struggles, it's hard to breathe from his own hands being pressed against his throat. The other Destroyer thinks quickly and hurls his hammer toward the half thawed Dragon. The collision frees the dragon and leaps forward but isn't sure which one is the real Destroyer. A broken and shambled metallic spider lay on the ground. Atriox walks up behind The Destroyer and is about to slay him, just then The Destroyer turns around and transforms into green acid, flinging himself all over Atriox. Atriox screams in pain, the attack is so devastating he can't maintain his full power mode. The green acid deforms him and melts his armor as he clamors to get it off. In that instant, the dragon leaps forward towards Viktus and flaps its wings in an air attack. Viktus is flung off The Destroyer and through the air, teleporting to safety at the last second.

    The Destroyer gasps for air and struggles to stand, the dragon helps him. As he gets to his feet he mounts the dragon and they fly away. Viktus follows their movements for a moment then tends to Atriox who's still wincing in pain. "Stop struggling!" He commands and turns the acid into water. The water eases the wounds of the attack, but nothing will undo the damage.

    Meanwhile, The Director enters the dungeon where Vix is being held. The door clanks and light shines in as the door is left ajar. Three guards surround Vix who's on her knees with both hands bound with webbing. "Go vanquish whoever came through that door!" One guard says to the others. The two disperse and the captain turns his attention toward Vix, "I'll deal with the prisoner." He says with a grin. Vix looks wide eyed but doesn't say anything. The Director rushes up the hill, the dungeon itself is a series of hills of garbage, bones, and webbing. As he reaches the top a throwing knife grazes his right check. "****!" He says startled and nearly falling back down the hill. He regains his balance, but a guard teleports behind him. With the slash of his sword he cuts The Director in half, however The Director's quick thinking saves him. He actives the Indivisibility's Stone ability at the last second, a green cloak covers his body just before he's cut in two.

    Each half flies off in opposite directions, both guards look perplexed as the malleable green influence squishes and transforms itself. One half springs forward and forms a fist, punching the guard across the room and into the wall. With more time to react, the guard who throw the knife teleports out of the way of the other half's attack. He teleports onto the ceiling and let's out a barrage of knives, however they all miss as the green energy manipulates itself to dodge all the attack. The guard can't believe it, and while he's distracted the other half flings itself up to the ceiling and stabs the guard with the attackers sword. Purple blood drips from the guards mouth as he falls to the ground.

    The other guard stands up and holds his head for a moment. Then teleports to the sword, grabs it, and teleports to one of the Director's halves. Sprinting forward the guard screams "Ahhhhh!" But the Director toys with him and forms a donut like shape, the attacker runs right through. Frustrated and confused, he turns back in anger and begins slashing left and right at the energy. Both halves go on the offensive and bounce off the walls. Like super bouncey balls they repel off the walls around them, zipping by the attacker each time. The guard slashing up and down, left and right desperately trying to land a hit. But to no avail, the balls toy with him and bounce close to his body. Sometimes pushing his helmet down or grabbing the sword. Eventually, the halves end it all by hitting the upper half of the attackers body and the lower half simultaneously on opposite sides. The attack flings the guard high into the air and kills him as he lands on his own sword.

    The halves reconfigure and a green silhouetted man approaches Vix and the captain. The captain holds a knife to her throat. "Dagmar!" She cries out. The Director speaks, "That little show wasn't just for fun, you're clearly outmatched. Let her go and we all walk away." The captain rebuttals "I don't take orders from you! Viktus told me to kill this one and that's what I intend to do." He presses the knife closer to her throat. The Director raises one hand "It's okay Vix. Listen, I get that you had an order but I'm telling you, if you don't let her go I'll kill you the worst possible way. I'll be enraged and who knows what method I'll think up." The captain looks at Vix then back at The Director. "Long reign Victus." He mutters and slits Vix's throat. "NO! WAIT!!!" But it's too late. Her body falls to the floor, motionless. The Captain begins laughing hysterically. The Director rushes over to her body to catch it. He holds her in his arms, a sad look on his face but he feels confused, like he doesn't understand the situation. "Hang on.." he mutters, just then a sword pierces the chest of the captain. The guard stops laughing and coughs up blood, "What the-" more blood pours out of his mouth as he looks over his shoulder in distain. Vix kneels there, sword in her web bound hands. "How did?" But it's too late he breathes his last breathe and falls to the ground dead. The dead Vix flashes purple in and out then disappears. A flashback occurs, revealing the moment Vix produces a holographic clone, her unique ability. She can only produce one and it can't wield influence, it's mainly used as a decoy like when she used it against the giant spiders. When The Captain and guards turned toward the opened dungeon door, Vix took the opportunity to produce her hologram and roll down the hill behind them.

    "Awww that's sweet, you cried for me." She says, The Director looks mad "I thought you died!" He exclaims. "Sorry to get your hopes up." She teases. "Come on we need t-" The Director lunges forward and gives her a hug. He starts crying. Vix looking surprised says "Hey seriously I'm okay..." she looks him in the eyes "What happened to you in the Fallen Forest?" The Director turns his head in shame and wipes away tears. "Everything has been trying to kill me for the past few hours, I just wanna get out of here. I need to get to the surface." She touches his face, her hand warm to the touch. "It'll be okay Dagmar, we'll make it there, I promise."

    The Director grins and pulls out the indivisibility stone. "Atriox and I were successful for the most part but we had a falling out, we can't trust him. He wants to conquer the surface, I won't allow that." Vix looks puzzled "I see.." The director replies "Will you stay with Atriox?" Vix still looking unsure replies "I'm not sure, I'm a drifter but Atriox was good to me, I won't act against him but I'm with you Dagmar. I won't let anymore people become enslaved." The Director smiles "Thank you Vix, I won't forget this." Vix smiles "You better not." He grabs her arm and leads her toward the door, "Wait!" She says stopping him, "we should head to the vault." "What vault?" He asks "You'll see, just follow me!" She grabs his arm and leads him to the vault.

    Meanwhile, The Destroyer and dragon crash onto the rooftop of a tall tower. A metallic angel hovers a few feet above the rooftop in the background. Medium sized spiders frantically crawl up the sides of the building exclaiming "We hit him!" "Go go go!" "Vanquish The Destroyer!" The tower is quite tall however, giving the destroyer some time to recover. The metallic angel speaks "Crafter, it would appear this plan is failing." Giant spiders and statues still face off in the background, "Should we retreat?" "No!!!" The Destroyed screams out in anger, blood dripping from his face and down his chin. "No more retreats! No surrenders! We end this city today!" The dragon squeals behind him, The Destroyer activates his indivisibility talisman and clones the metallic angel, 7 clones appear. "Buy us some time." He orders. The angels take up positions on the rooftop, the spiders now halfway up. The angels open fire and kill a handful, their bodies fall hundreds of feet to the streets below. Meanwhile, The Destroyer investigates the dragons wound, a metal rod pierces into the creatures thigh. "Poison spear.." The Destroyer says aloud, the flesh around the rod already shows signs of infection. "Can't be helped." He says "but it can be replaced." In one motion he forms a metallic sword, infuses it with inferno influence and slices the creatures leg off just below the thigh.

    The creature screams out in pain but the sword seared the wound shut so that no blood would rush out. Understandably the beast is still in a great deal of pain. "There there." The Destroyer tries to comfort her, "It could be worse" he activates the iridescent talisman, with influence built up in both hands he creates a new metallic leg for the creature. The leg is stumpy but it has claws at the end of it and mirrors her other leg. He finishes by pushing maroon red influence into it, just like the metallic shield, the leg comes to life and can move incredibly naturally. The beast stops wincing in pain and looks relieved. The Destroyer pets her head "It'll take some getting use to but you'll be as good as new, push your influence into it, in time you'll control it just like before." The beast nods in agreement while The Destroyer looks around. He mounts the beast's saddle then says "There's one more place we need to go, think you're up for it?" The beast nods and struggles to stand up but manages.

    "Spiders closing in crafter." A clone says firing its weapon below, "Orders?" The Destroyer replies "I need a distraction. All but the original head for the town square. Distract their leaders and the royal guards." The metallic angels nod "It will be done." They all take flight toward the town square. "Come with me." The Destroyer says to the original "Yes crafter" it says with an artificial smile. The Dragon and Metallic Angel fly towards the castle, hundreds of spiders reach the empty rooftop, frustrated some attempt to leap after The Destroyer but he's already far away.

    Meanwhile, The Director and Vix run through the halls of the castle. "Where are we going?" The Director asks, Vix replies "My father's vault, it will have everything we need." They continue running until they eventually reach the vault's entrance. "How do we get in?" The Director asks, "We need royal influence, luckily I'm chalk full of it." She waves her hand in front of the vault and pushes influence into it, metallic gears shift as the door opens.

    Inside the vault are dozens of swords, shields, armor, chests, and even some rare weapons clearly stolen from other factions in hell. "This is amazing." The Director mumbles. Vix springs into action and heads for the far side of the room, "It's impressive but not what we're here for." She reaches the wall and opens a golden chest, inside are hundreds of blank talismans. "Talismans?!" The Director exclaims as he walks over to her. "Yes" she replies, "enough to field an army." "Why doesn't he use them then?" The Director asks, "He's very selfish" she replies "Here!" She hands him one and stuffs a few others in her pocket. "We'll take the chest but it's good to have some on hand, let's fix your armor in the meantime." She goes to the corner of the room and grabs a long tube with gray paste inside it. She walks over to him and pushes the tube into one of the holes in the armor. As she squeezes the tube the paste flows out, it fills the hole and quickly solidifies. She continues to the next damaged area. The Director, noticeable flustered by how close Vix is standing to him. "Urrm-" she cuts him off "Metallic influence, it'll patch you right up. She finishes. "Amazing." The Director says in a low voice, Vix looks up. They make eye contact for a few seconds before they're interrupted.

    "Am I interrupting a moment?" Says a voice from the entrance of the vault. It's The Destroyer, accompanied by the dragon and the metallic angel. "Nirhá!" Vix exclaims noticing her dragon. The Director reacts and tries to grab a sword and shield on the wall, "Buh buh buh! Slow down there cowboy." The Destroyer says forming a metallic handgun out of thin air, the muzzle glows golden influence. He points the gun at Nirhà's head. "This is a genuine stick up, so stick. Them. Up!" The Destroyer says in a southern accent. The two of them look at each other and then hesitantly raise their arms, The Director looks pissed "You! Who..who are you?!" The Destroyer answers "I'm The Great Destroyer," changing to a more serious tone "and I'm not your enemy. In fact I've got a proposition for you." Vix and The Director look at each other puzzled. "You see, I've got some Destroying to do today, this city and your father" he says pointing at Vix "are in the way of prosperity -peace! And if I have to kill one dragon, for peace in hell?! Well I'll do just that, and then I'll finish the both of you off too." Vix in an angered voice "Touch Nirhà and I will end you-" "buh buh buh" he interjects, "now that's option A, and an option that I do not want to do." "What's option B?" Asks The Director.

    "Option B is straight forward, a simple trade. You give me the indivisibility stone and all the talismans in that chest and I give you Nirhà, aka your one way ticket out of here." The Director looks pissed "The stone is mine!" He says "is it?!" Replies The Destroyer, "Because I very strongly remember you taking it from me and damaging a good number of my talismans. This'll make us even." The director responds "We aren't giving it to you! And these talismans are blank, they're of no use to you." The Destroyer responds "Actually, and I know you're new here, but the talismans I have still hold large amounts of peace influence. They've gone dormant because of the damage, any more damage and the influence will rapidly release from the talismans, and if I try to use a broken talisman? Well same result. So I'm going to transfer the influence to working talismans, go out there and destroy those two crazy *******s, and burn this city to the ground. I'm offering you a one way ticket out of here. You best take it."

    The Director clenches his fists and is about to speak but Vix cuts him off "We'll take it!" She says. The Destroyer smiles, The Director looks stunned and calls out "Vix!" She turns to him, "I know what I'm doing." She says grabbing the indivisibility stone. "Trust me." She holds it close to her then places it in the chest. She picks up the chest and walks over to the metallic angel and hands it over. The Destroyer hands Vix the reigns of Nirhá's saddle, "Pleasure doing business with ya." He says to her. The metallic angel begins to float towards the ceiling, The Destroyer grabs onto the machines foot and begins rising too, "We'll meet again." Eerily, they both materialize through the ceiling like it isn't there. (Another benefit of the black talisman which lets the user move through objects.)

    "What have you done?!" The Director demands. "Calm down. We need Nirhá to escape." He responds "But you gave away a Peace of Iden!" She pets Nirhá, "it's fine Dagmar! Besides I managed to keep some of the influence." She pulls out a talisman glowing green with indivisibility influence. A flashback occurs revealing that when she held the stone close to her chest she pushed some of the influence into a blank talisman. The Director smiles as she hands him the talisman "Not had Vix, but still a talisman and a ride out of here doesn't exactly equal one of those stones! Their power is...immense." Vix responds, "Don't worry Dagmar, we aren't leaving here without my father's Peace. The Peace of Illusivity." The Director looks puzzled "And how are we going to do that?" Vix smirks and looks to her left "With this."

    The scene shifts to The Destroyer and his metallic angel. They are floating in mid air, the battle coming to an end below them. He hands the angel the Peace stone saying "Store this inside you. You know what to do. Destroy this place, I want the whole city leveled." The Angel responds "As you wish Crafter." The Destroyer looks down "I'll vanquish those two." He looks back at the angel "This goes without saying but do not lose that stone. Whatever it takes. Hang back, let the others vanquish any survivors." The angel nods, absorbing the Peace's influence it begins multiplying at an incredible rate. Thousands upon thousands of metallic angels fill the sky, a huge shadow casts itself over the city.

    The Destroyer let's himself fall downward, his army backing him up, he dives toward the town square. Behind him the angels fire influence in controlled bursts, leveling buildings block by block. At the same time The Destroyer channels Inferno and Indefinite Influence around himself, turning him into a fireball glowing of a magnificent golden yellow. The angels break off and vanquish countless buildings and spiders all at once. A close of Victus' face as he say "Dear Devil's Maker." He presses a button on his gauntlet just as The Destroyer crashes into the town square, shockwaves of fire and golden influence shatter the town square into pieces.

    The scene changes to a dark chamber glowing a dim purple hue. Red lights begin beeping and an alarm sounds. Inside the chamber are two massive insects; one is an incredibly large white scorpion the other is a dark black tarantula. Each beast is bound by large metal chains. The alarm wakes them. The tarantula snarls and says in a low slow voice "Things must be pretty bad out there for alarms to be sounding in here." The white scorpion responds in a somewhat higher pitched voice and speaking faster "I've been awake for some time. I heard explosions, I think we're about to be freed brother." It snarls with pleasure. The tarantula responds "Must be. After all this time, I thought we were going to die here." The chamber door cracks open and a light shines through. Fresh air rushes in as the doors open, "Fresh air brother! At last!!" The scorpion says gleefully. The chains begin to buckle and shift, one by one they fall to the ground. Outside the chamber is an even larger chamber, cages and huge doors begin to open, medium sized crickets and large beasts of all kind begin rushing out. "Freedom!" Some scream as the rush toward the exit. The last of the chains fall off the two of them and they step out into the light. In the light, it is revealed that the giant tarantula and scorpion are covered completely in colored metal armor. The white armor sparkles in the light and the black armor is so dark it works as a natural camouflage in the shadows. They stretch their legs as it's likely they haven't moved for a very long time. "We're free brother." Says the Tarantula. They slowly walk out the chamber doors and step outside onto the top of a mountain inside the city walls but many miles away from the town square. They see the battle raging in the distance. The black tarantula snarls "Come brother, it's time we had our revenge."

    End Part II

    Chapter 15

    Already Dead

    Coming Soon!
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    I just have to say right now, this genre isn't my cup of tea. Futuristic is almost like Fantasy, you make up the rules, all the rules. The foreign sounding names, the odd creatures, the strange and forbidding environment. It's one Hell of a job, that you've let yourself in for. But this piece is sooo well done. You've mastered it. Like the dialogue, the overall writing too. So I passed on checking it out long ago, not now. Keep at it. In the 21st Century, this kind of stuff is marketable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Hunley View Post
    I just have to say right now, this genre isn't my cup of tea. Futuristic is almost like Fantasy, you make up the rules, all the rules. The foreign sounding names, the odd creatures, the strange and forbidding environment. It's one Hell of a job, that you've let yourself in for. But this piece is sooo well done. You've mastered it. Like the dialogue, the overall writing too. So I passed on checking it out long ago, not now. Keep at it. In the 21st Century, this kind of stuff is marketable.
    Omg our first comment! Thank you so much! I've been working on this story for awhile and am trying to find more time to write it! What chapter are you on?

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    Chapter 15

    Already Dead

    The scene begins with a brief flashback of The Destroyer plummeting to the town square, Viktus says his line "Devil's Maker.." and braces for the shockwave. He presses the button on his gauntlet which releases all the creatures he's captured. The bunker doors open. Moments before the shockwave hits him he goes full power mode and turns all the air around him into an extremely durable dark black rock.

    (As we know, the special property of the Peace of Illusivity allows the user to, put simply, transform matter into different matter. I.e. Water to lava, sand to lightening, etc etc. The combinations are endless. There are limits of course, the user cannot simply turn the entire world in water. In fact, influence is the only thing that cannot be transformed by the Peace stone. Because of this ability, Viktus used the power to save himself by turning the air around him into this nearly impenetrable rock.)

    A mushroom cloud rises from the town square. Smoke and ash sizzle on the surface of the dome-shaped rock. Viktus is inside, somewhat afraid "So much power and so suddenly, was he holding back earlier?" He thinks to himself. He teleports outside of the dome and watches in horror as his city is utterly destroyed. The Destroyer ascends from the rubble, black flames illuminate his feet. "Ya know, there's a reason they call me The Destroyer." He says cockily. Viktus drops to his knees, his staff falls to the ground, he looks up at The Destroyer wide eyed, "You're a monster. All I've done, it's...gone." "Yeah..." The Destroyer says raising his gun "And you're next!"

    Before he can shoot Atriox punches up through the rubble in a blaze of fire and lava sending The Destroyer into the air. Atriox looks pissed. A pool of lava is visible from where Atriox came. A flashback occurs showing how Atriox survived the blast, in full power mode he melted the ground beneath his feet and submerged himself in the lava (he can't be burned while in full power mode) the blast went right over him. Afterwards, he slowly melted his way to The Destroyer and launched his attack.

    Enraged The Destroyer counter attacks by "catching himself" with the talisman of Implication (allows the user to move things with their mind) he uses the talisman to "pick up" large amounts of rubble and throws it at the two of them. Atriox melts some of it with lava but The Destroyer doesn't let up. He throws large stone after large stone at them until Viktus has to teleport them, which is just what The Destroyer wants.

    As they teleport left to right they go for the counter attack, a portal opens behind The Destroyer and Atriox rushes through attempting to tackle him. In an instant The Destroyer's entire body is covered in a metallic fluid. It solidifies and Atriox essentially runs into an impenetrable wall. The Destroyer hits him in the face with his elbows then does a round house kick to Atriox's face, and follows up with quick jabs to the torso. Atriox drops his mouth open in pain then grabs The Destroyer with both hands and slams him to the ground. A lava pool appears and The Destroyer begins to sink into it.

    But it's no use, The Destroyer's arm rises out from the lava and starts chocking Atriox who begins gasping for air. The Destroyer flies them both up into the air and all while chocking Atriox flies them back into the town square causing shockwaves to rattle the demolished landscape even further. Viktus watches from a far "Bastard.." he says "Who me?" Answers a voice behind him, it's a clone of The Destroyer who uses a burst of Implication influence to push Viktus forward, he drops his staff and exits full power mode. All within a few seconds The Destroyer opens a portal where Viktus' body is flung, the portal exits next to the metallic covered Destroyer who in grabs Viktus by the throat as well.

    The Destroyer begins siphoning influence out of both of them. "Don't struggle" he says "it will all he over soon."

    The scene changes to the gigantic Scorpion and gigantic Tarantula who will henceforth be known as "The Brothers". They slowly walk through what's left of the city, the scorpion speaks "I'm so hungry brother.." "Me too brother, we must eat something soon, if we use up the energy have left we will vanquish." They walk further very very slowly. "Do you know where we're going brother?" Asks the scorpion. "I don't know brother, but I sense massive influence this way, we must fill our stomachs soon." "Arghhh!" Replies the scorpion "but I'm soooo hungry brother." He begins sniffing "I smell something close by, we should eat it." "I don't sense anything brother." Getting irritated the scorpion replies "My nose isn't wrong brother, there's something this way." The Tarantula gives in "Fine brother, but if you're wrong you may have just doomed-" just then a half dead spider crawls through a crumbling building. The scorpion and Tarantula stop in their tracks. "" the spider says close to death. The Tarantula and Scorpion don't even look at each other, in an instant they both pounce on the dying creature and begin eating it, but not like how we eat. They stick their fangs deep into the creature and begin sucking the influence out of it. The spider screams in pains "No...urgh..stop! Stop!! NOOoo!" The screams echo.

    The scene changes to The Director and Vix atop Nirhá flying over the city. Vix is on the reigns flying and the Director sits in a seat atop a large red cannon strapped to the back of Nirhá. The Director looks down in confusion "Did you hear that?" He asks. Vix replies "Hear what?" "Sounded like screaming." Vix responds "look around you. It's a genocide. My people, these machines don't care, they're killing everything!" The Director shrugs "What's the plan?" Getting annoyed Vix replies "I told you already, we're taking the Peace of Illusivity." "I know that," The Director rebukes, "but how?"

    Vix points toward the statue of her father near the town square "That statue is made of pure Amnocite, strongest rock in hell. The only thing that can destroy it is extremely dense influence. Like, planet killing dense, lucky for us that gun you're sitting on can do just that." The Director cuts her off "What?! We can't fire this thing if that's true!!" "Calm down," she responds "The rock will absorb all of it until the statue shatters, just don't miss." She teases. "Not funny Vix, this gun is dangerous-" "Well no ****! So like I said don't ****ing miss!! The gun takes hundreds of years to charge back up to that kind of power level, so once we're done with it we'll dump it." The Director is quiet for a moment then says "Are you okay? You seem stressed." They dodge out of the way of several angels then Vix says "I wonder why!"

    As the dragon's body jerks back and forth it triggers a flashback within The Director: He thinks back to when he was a solider in the US special forces. In the flashback he's manning the turret of a transport helicopter, his team inside armed to the teeth. "Captain, 5 minutes till touchdown."

    The flashback ends

    Vix looks down and sees hundreds of her people being slaughtered. "I can't take this." She says, "Set the cannon to a lower setting, we're torching these bastards." The Director doesn't respond. "You hearing me Dagmar!!" She yells. " ****, sorry, How do I-" She cuts him off "Pull the lever on the cannon back until the display turns from red to green!"

    The Director complies, and pulls the lever back. The holographic display goes from bright red to a dark orange. He pulls it again and it turns yellow. "Is yellow too powerful?" He asks, Vix thinks about it for a second "I don't know, it should be fine! Just fire at that swarm in the center then get ready to hit the statue!" "Roger that!" He says rotating the cannon to aim at the swarm. Thousands of metallic angels are swarmed together raining down influence on the city. The Director uses two joystick like objects on the cannon and aims for the left side of the cluster then presses both red buttons with his thumbs. As he presses the buttons everything slows down, his heart skips a beat, and his whole body feels weird. He sees flashes of the past but quickly snaps out of it.

    The cannon takes several seconds to charge but then releases a slow moving cluster of unstable influence. The influence glows bright orange and folds in on itself as it moves through the sky. The energy is fluid like a liquid but in reality the energy consists of extremely dense light particles packed together at the atomic level.

    The bolt heads toward the swarm.

    The scene changes back to The Destroyer as he siphons influence from both Viktus and Atriox. They struggle to breathe and try to get away but it's pointless. The Destroyer laughs "Finally." But behind him the bolt of energy strikes the swarm, The Destroyer cocks his head and watches in disbelief. The explosions causes a chain reaction and orange lightening jumps from angel to angel in an instant. Dozens explode, then hundreds, then thousands, until the chain reaction is complete and the sky is empty. The shockwave is incredible, and pushes any surviving angels to the ground to their death. After severally seconds the shockwave finally reaches the town square and knocks the three of them away. The Destroyer can't hold on and is forced to let go. He tumbles across the rubble and his metallic coating is damaged to the point it falls off in large chunks.

    The scene jumps back to The Director and Vix "Holy ****!" Exclaims The Director.

    "Son of a *****!" Yells The Destroyer as he lays on his back, severely wounded by the blast. Atriox and Viktus stand up and grin, Viktus speaks "All that power and you're still as weak as ever." Atriox laughs. "You're wrong!!!" Screams The Destroyer, "I am the strongest beast on this plain! I'll never stop fighting scum like you!! You, you cowards!!! Always using cheap tricks to survive, there is no strength in the way you fight! Each move's goal is to delay me because you know that's all you can do!!!" He stops yelling and changes to a deathly serious tone. "The two of you, it's the only chance you have, so run, delay! It will always end the same. Because **** like you: you're already dead."

    Viktus and Atriox stand several meters from each other. Both look displeased at what The Destroyer said. Behind them a small green light falls to the ground. It's the indivisibility stone, the metallic angel carrying it must have been destroyed. "****!" The Destroyer thinks to himself, "This is so ****ed."

    Behind them a large building collapses revealing The Brothers.

    Meanwhile, Vix and The Director get the cannon ready to fire at the statue. "I felt a weird pulse when I fired that bolt." Says The Director, Vix responds "The influence in the cannon is so immense it probably pulled some of yours in with it." "It can do that?" The Director says with stress in his voice. "Yes," she replies, "Just like how water attracts water influence acts the same. You'll be fine just take out that statue!" He complies and pushes the lever forward, the holographic display glows a bright red. "Here goes." He presses the buttons but it's a big mistake. His point of view literally cracks. Almost all of his influence is sucked into the machine as an enormously powerful bolt of energy emerges from the machine at a very slow speed. The Directors body goes into shock. "Dagmar!" Vix screams. His body begins seizing uncontrollably. His eyes turn a dark gray and it begins spreading to his face. "****! No!" She spins around and holds him in place while screaming his name.

    He sees flashbacks of being on the helicopter again. He's in the gunner seat looking back at his team. The other helicopter in the background not too far away. In an instant the second helicopter is struck by something and it catches fire, crashing into the directors helicopter. Both go down. As the Director blinks he sees the past and then the present. "Just breathe!" Vix says. In the flashback, the Director lay under a large amount of rubble as the teams medic says the same to him "Just breathe!" But he's not breathing. His eyes looks straight up and his body motionless. The medic begins performing CPR and counting while pushing down in the center of the directors chest. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5..." he performs CPR. In the present, Vix gathers influence into her hands and pushes it into the directors chest. He gasps for air both in the present and past. "You're alright sir. I'm gonna tend to the oth-" just then a bullet pierces the medics chest, blood splatters on the directors face as he crawls backwards for cover. A passing jet opened fire on the crash and screeches through the sky. The Director tries to see what kind of jet it is to identify the enemy. "It can't be." He says in awe.

    He crawls under some debris and finds a rifle. He begins inspecting it to make sure it isn't damaged. Just then a helicopter hovers overhead and machine guns rain down on the crash site. Soldiers in heavily armored black uniforms rappel out of the helicopter. The helicopter insignia is a Russian flag. A few of the elite soldiers hit the ground when suddenly a wounded American solider bursts out from the rubble, he's missing one arm but in the other he holds a rocket launcher. "Eat this you **** sucking ****ers!" He screams firing the rocket. The rocket hits the rear propellor causing the pilot to lose control. Soldiers jump for their lives, many dying or breaking their legs as they hit the ground. Eventually the helicopter crashes into the crash site.

    The scene jumps back to Vix and The Director. The Director is laying on the ground as Vix sits next time. Nirhá keeps watch. The Director wakes up with a startle. "Vix!" He exclaims.

    The scene jumps back to the town square. The Brothers stand there menacingly.

    "Look brother! Such dense influence." Says the Scorpion. The Tarantula responds, "Must be our day of luck brother, Viktus is here and freed us so we could eat him." The Scorpion sneers "Must be, brother!" Viktus responds "Actually, and I know things are awkward between us since I captured you when you were younglings, but I freed you so you could eat that one." He points to The Destroyer. The Tarantula snarls "Why would we help you, we despise your very existence, Viktus." "He must be stupid brother!" Chimes in The Scorpion. "Must be." Says The Tarantula. Viktus chuckles "Can't you sense it? He has the 9 influences of Iden." Viktus opens a portal below his staff and falls into his hand.

    The Scorpion sniffs "I do smell something rare brother." "I sense it too brother." Behind The Brother's the bolt moves fairly slow towards its target, Viktus' statue and the Stone of Illusivity. The Destroyer notices, "Now's my chance. I see what they're doing but I'll have to go for both stones. I have to get them, I have to get both!" He thinks to himself.

    The Scorpion sniffs some more, "I say we eat all of them brother." The Tarantula responds "Good idea brother, but maybe we should start with him," he points with one of his legs toward The Destroyer, "With his influence we can finish off the others." "We must get him brother!" Says the Scorpion with glee, "We must brother!" "We're going to eat you all!!!" Just then the bolt strikes the statue. As it collides with the Amnocite it cracks and cracks until it shatters and collapses. Multiple shockwaves ripple off the center leveling any structures that were left standing including Viktus's castle.

    Nirhà raises her wings to shield The Director and Vix from the dust. The Brothers look back to see what has happened. Viktus goes from full power mode to his normal ugly self. He and Atriox look in disbelief "impossible!" He shrieks. But in that moment a squadron of Destroyer clones zip past him. By channel influence into their legs they run at incredible speeds. "Stop them!" He screams. The Brothers turn back around and jump into action. The Tarantula thrusts his sharp legs into the ground, stabbing some of the clones. The Scorpion grabs some with his claws and crushes them. "They're fast" the Destroyer thinks to himself. He builds up Implication influence in his hands. As he raises his body into the air he flings both hands forward and "pushes" The Brothers hundreds of yards across the rubble. A fiery staff whizzes behind him and strikes him in the back forcing him to the ground. Viktus and Atriox stand side by side, combining their influence for more powerful attacks. Viktus opens a portal under his staff and it is returned to him once more.

    The Brothers leap forward and begin hopping back into the battle. The clone acid from earlier also has no effect on the special armor of the creatures. As they get closer and Viktus prepares to throw again, The Destroyer twirls Implication influence in front of him. Faster and faster he twirls it creating a tornado! He splits the tornado in two, lights them on fire, and hurls them in the direction of his enemies on either side. "Brother!" The Scorpion says pushing The Tarantula out of the way. The fire tornado rolls right over the scorpions, searing his armor as it continues its path behind him. Meanwhile, Viktus jumps on the back of Atriox who propels both of them into the air by blasting fire out of both his arms. They fly up into the sky away from the twister. "After him!" Viktus orders.

    They follow what they think is The Destroyer but it's actually a clone. While on Atriox's back Viktus shoots bursts of influence at him. The clone (which is flying low to the ground) dodges left to right, even spinning around to fire back from time to time. "Is that all you can muster up?" Says Atriox. "I'll admit, I'm low on influence." Atriox snuffs "I've got this." "Wait!" Says Viktus, "I've got something."

    The clone continues flying a few feet from the ground, he spins around and fires some shots to keep them at bay. In an instant, Atriox and Viktus dive directly towards him. He fires bursts of influence at them but they pass right through. Perplexed the clone keeps firing but it's the same result.

    From his left side the real Atriox and Viktus zoom in for the kill. The clone flys through a crumbling archway but Atriox is simply too fast. He cuts off the clones escape and then crushes it with his feet. Viktus stabs it in the head with his staff. They all slide across the floor, sparks and flames going everywhere. (Atriox has considerable control over his full power mode and can section it off to certain body parts, in this case so Viktus can ride on his back without burning.) Viktus teleports them off the clone before it turns to acid. (This scene shows that like Vix, Viktus also has the ability to make "false clones". That's what The Destroyer's clone was shooting at, a false clone of Atriox and Viktus.)

    As Atriox's power mode deactivates they look up and notice what the clone was going for, the indivisibility stone lays in the rubble in front of them. They smile.

    The scene cuts to the original Destroyer heading for the Illusivity Stone. It's in his point of view. But suddenly the Tarantula launches a long range attack and fires thousands of metal needles at The Destroyer. The Destroyer counters with a wide range inferno influence attack. He shoots a large stream of flames back at the creature, melting the projectiles and forcing the Tarantula to move. The Tarantula rolls but continues the offensive by firing two blue beams of influence from its fangs at The Destroyer. The Destroyer flys to the left and up then down to avoid the beams, dodging them beautifully. However, The Tarantula was trying to position him in a certain spot so they could spring their trap. The Scorpion leaps out of a pile of rubble and smacks The Destroyer down with his tail/stinger. In a perfectly timed attack and as he's knocked towards the ground, The Tarantula slides across the rubble on its back and opens its mouth as wide as it can. The Destroyer falls right into it and would have been eaten but at the last second activates the Indifference talisman and slips through the Tarantula and into the ground.

    "Agh! He really does have all 9 influences Brother." Says the Scorpion. "Indeed brother, we'll have to be more crafty to overcome the Indifference talisman." Replies The Tarantula. "Remember the faults, the talisman can only be used in intervals and can't be maintained for long." Says the Tarantula. "I can't sense him brother. Should we retreat?" Asks The Scorpion. "No, he's weak brother. Search everywhere."

    The scene changes to The Destroyer materializing through the ground near the rubble of the statue. Blood drips from his face and the crevices of his armor. He limps towards the rubble but to his surprise the Illusivity stone is gone. "Every damn time." He says making a fist. The scene changes to a long shot of Nirhá flying off into the distance. The cannon is unlatched from her and it falls to the desert floor. The Director is tied to her back and unconscious, Vix sits in the saddle holding the Illusivity Stone, she smirks.

    End Part 1

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    The scene picks up where the flashback left off, The Director is hiding under some debris from the helicopter crash. The Russian helicopter was taken down by his comrade but some of the elite soldiers were deploying when it came down. Falling off the rope, they roll around in the sand in pain. "Now's my chance!" The Director thinks to himself. He opens fire on them. He has a clear line of sight on them and kills 2 quickly. The 2 others draw their pistols and shoot back but it's not use, the Director has a machine gun and easily takes them out.

    Crawling from the debris, he calls out "Sergio! Adams! Murphy?! Gray Team Sound off!" He throws his machine gun over his shoulder and combs through the rubble. He hears some moaning "urgh-" a hand emerges from the debris "cap..tain.." the Director rushes to him and starts lifting piles of twisted metal off of him. "Hang tight corporal, if you try and move this metal will cut you." The solider stays still as the director gets it off of him. Corporal Sergio is a white man with green eyes, a short black mohawk, short facial hair, and a muscular build. "Need a hand?" Says a man behind the Director. The Director cocks his head around and makes eye contact with the teams other medic, a black man, early 30s, with a clean cut face, and short black curly hair. He clutches his stomach and hunches over. "Murphy!" The Director exclaims with delight. "You hit?" He asks. Murphy replies, "Just a scratch, lemme help." They both pick up the debris on top of corporal Sergio and lay him on his back.

    The sun beats down on all of them, corporal Sergio wipes sweat from his forehead "Don't suppose there's any trees around? I don't think they make an SPF for butt****, Iraq." Murphy digs into his medkit and replies "Even if they did make SPF butt**** your pale *** would be redder than a sunburnt strawberry." Murphy pulls out the sun screen from his kit, Sergio replies "I don't know what that means but I get the feeling it's something your sassy black aunt would say." Murphy smiles and replies "Now you leave my Auntie Jay out of this!" Gray laughs "Urgh! Ouch, it hurts to laugh." He clutches his side. "Let me have a look." Says Murphy.

    Meanwhile, The Director searches for more survivors. Murphy unbuttons The Corporals shirt, his chest has large purplish black bruises all over it. He puts his ear to the Corporals chest and taps it multiple times. "Ouch!" Exclaims The Corporal. "No internal bleeding." Says Murphy. "Over here!" Exclaims The Director "Adams is alive but unconscious!" Murphy looks up in amazement "ten-four captain! I'll be right back, put on the sunscreen and drink some water." Murphy limps over to the captain as fast as he can.

    The Director pours some water on Adam's face, "Wake up private Adams!" No response. "I've got him sir!" Murphy exclaims, dropping to his knees he opens Adam's eyes and takes a look. "He probably has a concussion sir. Waking up could do more harm than good" The Director replies "Pretty sure we all have concussions after a crash like that, enemy reinforcements could be on their way right now. None of us are in any state to carry him. Do whatever you have to do to wake up him up or he's a dead man." Murphy responds "might be a dead man either way but here it goes. Murphy pours some more water on his head then administers a shot, "it'll take down the swelling. Let me patch up that cut on your forehead sir." The Director responds "I can do it, just get him up asap." "Yessir." Murphy responds, "this works sometimes." Murphy proceeds to shove his fingers down Adam's throat.

    Private Adams eyes pierce wide open, as Murphy turns him on his side he begins throwing up into the sand. "It's okay now, it's okay." Private Adam's coughs profusely. Sergio limps over, using his rifle as a crutch. He meets eyes with the Director, they nod at one another. "Jesus Christ." Says Adams as he sits up and looks around. "What the **** happened?!" "Russians. Not sure why but they did this." Says Sergio. "Any other survivors Captain?" The Director looks back at the rubble "it's just us boys. And I know why those bastards hit us." The three of them look perplexed. "They're after our precious cargo. The tier one asset we picked up." "Sir?" Responds Murphy. They turn their attention to a large square crate, about the size of an SUV.

    "It wasn't ammo we picked up. Myself and Captain Hampton knew. Whatever's in that crate, it's worth risking all out war for." The soldiers looked shocked. "What is it Captain?" The Director looks around for a few seconds the spits. He turns toward the container and walks towards it. "Let's find out. Command had a plan for a situation like this. They gave me half the code and Hampton the rest. Find his body and-" "sorry sir but do we really have time for this?" Questions Sergio. "Excuse me Corporal?" Responds the Director. "Respectfully sir, you said it yourself. The enemy will be back soon. We should head to the nearest village, hole up and wait for pick up." The Director looks dumbfounded. "Well respectfully corporal look around you. All your brothers died for what's in that container. Moreso I'm not in the habit of abandoning missions or handing over hardware to our enemies!" "Whatever's in there is far too heavy for us wounded dogs to carry!" Yells Sergio. "Then we hole up here and guard it with our lives!" Yells The Director pointing at the container "that's our job, that's your duty soldier!!"

    "Sir?" Says Murphy. The Director looks frustrated and makes eye contact with Murphy "Yes Murphy?" He holds up a plastic card "I found the codes." There's an awkward silence. The Director takes a deep breath. "Hand it here please." He hands it to him. The Director walks over to the container, Sergio rolls his eyes. The Director enters in the codes and is about to press enter when he turns around and says "form up squad." Two of them limp over to the container. "Corporal?" Sergio doesn't respond, he stands with his back turned from them. The Director sighs in frustration then presses enters. The door opens with a loud metallic click, steam begins hissing out of the container as well. The three of them stand there dumbfounded at what they're looking at. "Corporal!" Exclaims The Director, Sergio still not looking. "I don't think we'll have trouble carrying it." Sergio shakes his head and looks over at them, his jaw drops.

    Inside stands a little middle eastern girl wearing a white tunic, white hijab, and red scarf. Her green eyes gaze at the soldiers as fear fills her eyes.

    The scene changes to The Director waking up with a gasp, his eyes open, he can hardly breathe. After a few moments he catches his breath and notices Vix sitting a few feet from him; her back turned to him, she gazes at the ruins of Silk City. "How long was I out?" He asks. "A few hours" she responds. The Director sits up, leaning against a wall he notices they're on the side of a mountain. "Where's Nirhá?" He asks. "Resting." She replies. He looks around. "Something wrong?" He asks. Vix looks like she's about to cry. "My people. They're all dead." She says. "Vix-" "No! It's not fair, they lived as slaves and died as dogs." A tear rolls down her cheek, "they deserved better." She says holding back tears. The Director looks unsure of what to say. Eventually he looks up at the sky "Do you know what's been going on up at the surface? Have you heard the explosion?" Vix looks at him perplexed "No?" She responds.

    "The nations of my people, they've always been fighting each other. The locations change, but it's always the same people. The good versus the evil; and both sides think they're the good. I don't know why humans have to fight but we always have. But this last one- this most recent one, has killed billions. Billions of innocents. So many dead that they won't even be forgotten because there's no one alive who knew them. It's pure madness up there and honestly I hate thinking about it. I hate conflict. I've spent most my life fighting and I hate everything about it. I hate the hatred it creates." Vix looks down, not looking any happier with his words. He starts in again, " thing I've learned is that you can't hold yourself responsible for the actions of madmen. They're irrational; madness, remember? You can spend all day trying to understand it but if you could then it wouldn't be irrational." Vix looks eyes with him, tears in her eyes. "The best thing you can do, is just hate the hate." "Hate the hate?" She says smiling. "Yepp, don't reject what you're feeling, it's normal; just hate them, because they deserve it."

    Vix smiles and moves closer to The Director. She grabs his hand. "Thought I'd lost you ya know?" The Director smiles "Ahh ya know, no need to worry." Vix pokes him in the stomach "you hurt?" She exclaims "Ouch! A little sore, thanks for asking!" He responds. She laughs "That cannon, it sucked out all your influence when it fired. I had to give you some of mine to get it flowing again." "I don't understand, actually there's still a lot I don't understand, how does influence even work?" The Director asks. "Well.." Vix says "I was taught influence is the energy of ones soul. We all posses a soul and therefore some amount of influence. Obviously some have more than others and you can learn to increase your limitations." The Director cuts in "But you said I ran out? How can that happen?" She responds "Influence is a lot like ones blood; you lose some, the body makes more, you lose a lot, well, the body can't compensate. Lose influence and the soul makes more, lose too much, same result." The Director looks stunned "So you saved me." Vix nods. "How?" He asks.

    "I pushed my influence into you, it gave you a base amount to work with, your soul did the rest." The Director looks amazed, "That's...amazing, thank you Vix, I owe you." "Well duh! I've saved your life like 7 times since we've met!" They both laugh and smile. "I want that to change though, can you teach me? Like before in the city, can you teach me how to channel influence?" Vix shrugs "I guess" she smirks "but you have to call me Grand Master Vix!" "Haha deal." He says.

    The scene changes to the barren wastelands outside the ruins of Silk City. Atriox and Viktus stand around a handful of their men. "Is this all that survived?" Asks Viktus. One of Viktus' soldiers responds "So it appears Lord Viktus." Atriox snuffs, "Weaklings." 3 of Viktus' soldiers, 3 medium spiders, and one giant spider stand beside Atriox's men: 2 captains, a handful of soldiers, and 2 of their tanks are all that survived the battle. "All of our dragons were vanquished?" Asks Atriox. "Yes lord, there were so many of them.." Says a soldier. "Aye." Responds Viktus "The Great Destroyer has earned his name today." Huge black clouds of smoke billow behind them. "However, from the ashes a new army will form; a new alliance." Atriox nods. Viktus pulls out The Peace of Indivisibility. "The few of you will be the seeds for a massive army. Together we will get revenge on those beasts. That Destroyer! We'll mount his head on my staff! And build a huge statue to commemorate our victory! For when this is over, they will sing songs about our victory. They will remember this day for all days to come, because today is the day The Grand Phoenix Army was born!" The soldiers cheer, Atriox roars. Viktus in a low whisper "And I know exactly where we'll start." He smirks.

    Elephant- Ghakar
    Iguana- Eli
    Lion- Misteek
    Rhino- Vlemè

    The scene changes to the City of Kizmanto. The council stands in the chamber with the mysterious woman. The Great Destroyer stands with them too. "This is unacceptable!" Exclaims Vlemè, "You could not retrieve either Peace stones?!" The Destroyer says nothing. Vlemè continues "Your failures have doomed us all!" "Enough Eli!" Says Misteek, "Destroyer, are you hurt?" The Destroyer responds "No." "you're lying." She responds. "I can tell you're injured. Head to the lower level, I'll have my healers take a look at you." The Destroyer rotates his shoulder, "I'm fine, trust me." The woman responds "I think we've trusted you long enough. We will out our faith in other resources. But we need you in top shape, head to the healers, after that prepare out defenses." The Destroyer pauses for a moment then responds, "As you will it." He bows and leaves.

    The doors of the chamber shut with a loud thud. Ghakar speaks "We should send word to Garren, we'll need reinforcements." The woman speaks "I've already sent for them; as for you four, prepare our provisions for a siege. Atriox will no doubt come to reclaim this city. No one leaves, especially you Vlemè." He glares at her "Of course, your grace." They all leave except for Eli. "Yes Eli?" "I was hoping you could grant me permission to leave the city." He asks, "and why would I allow that?" She responds. "To evacuate our settlements scattered across the realms." She thinks about it, he continues "There are forces scattered all over, to keep the Argonaughts at suppressed. The way I see it, there's not point in trying to suppress them. Fate will be decided at one decisive battle, here; not dozens of smaller battles where our people will be slaughtered."

    She replies "Fine. You can gather our forces and people and bring them here, but I can't spare you any escorts. If you leave this city you go alone." Eli bows his head "As you will it." She raises her hand signaling him to go. The doors shut with a thud.

    The scene change to Vix and The Director practicing with influence, "You have to feel the influence running through you." Vix says, "Build it up in your arms, legs, wherever you want. But this time keep building it up" she builds up a large portion in her hand, "then, like I said, let it flow through you." She moves her arms forward and a large bolt of influence strikes the rocks, exploding on impact. The Director does the same. "Good Dagmar. You are a fast learner." He smiles. "You're a pretty good teacher." "Pretty good?" She teases. "Urr-" he responds, she laughs. "It's easy to teach the things we're most knowledgeable about. I've had many teachers in my life, what they teach me, I will show you." The Director nods.

    "There are three ways to use influence: the first is the most basic, build it up and shoot it out." She does a back handspring and shoots it out of her hands and lands on her feet. "Movement; kinetic energy, allows for the rapid build up of influence. The second way is more advanced, the transformation of influence into physical matter." Vix builds up influence in one hand and purple influence claws form around her hand. "To do this you-" "like this?" The Director says, activating her double arm blades. Vix looks shocked "How?! How do you know how to do that!" The Director looks at his arms "It's a long story...they came in handy in The Fallen Forest." Vix still looking surprised, "Dagmar, what you're doing now takes decades to learn, this much physical's something I've only seen masters do."

    The Director deactivates his arm blades "Guess you'll have to start calling me the masta from now on!" He says standing confidently. Vix stares at him then asks "What ever happened to that girl?" The Director looks surprised "What do you mean?!" She responds "Well...when you were unconscious I could see your dream... I didn't intend to, our minds are still linked from when we mixed our influence." "Ohh.." responds The Director. Vix grabs his arm and holds onto it "You can tell me. I want to know." The Director looks conflicted, "Well...."

    The scene changes back to the flashback in the desert. The men stand there in front of the young girl, unsure of what to think. "You're the asset?" Asks The Director. The girl responds "My name is Arï." Sergio looks pissed "What the **** is this captain?!" Murphy yells at him "Calm down man!" He responds "Nah man this is bull****! Our brothers died for this?! Some refugee?!" The Director responds "Yes sergeant they did. Obviously the enemy thought it was worth risking all out nuclear war for this 'refugee'! She must have strategic value!" Sergio rolls his eyes and storms off. Private Adams interjects "Maybe- urr maybe the Russians thought we had something else?" The four of them look at her. "Why were you in this container little girl?" Asks the Director. "I'm not a little girl, I'm Arï."

    They look at each other then the Director says "We obviously have a lot of questions for you but we need to move. Bad men will be back here soon. Do you understand?" "Yes." She responds. He nods. "Alright squad let's move out." "What about their tags?" Asks Adams. "No time" responds the Director "we've gotta move." Sergio gets angry "We should get the tags first!" "They're gone sergeant! And we'll be lying right there with um if we stay to collect their tags. It's not idle but no war ever is, so gather your gear and let's move." They stare at each for a few seconds "Sir." He replies.

    The five of them walk across the desert floor. Heat beats down on them. There's no signs of life in sight. "It is hotter than a mother****er" complains Sergio. "Dude." Replies Murphy, gesturing at Arï. "What?" He responds "if she's been living here all her life some 'bad words' aren't gonna **** her up any more than this please." Murphy scuffs at him, "Where are you from, Arï?" She responds "Nowhere." Sergio laughs "Must be near bum****." Murphy asks "When did you learn English?" She responds "When I came here." "And when was that?" Asks The Director. "Several years ago, I like to travel, see new places." She responds. Murphy asks "Any reason why the United States military locked you in that box?" She replies "They must be afraid of me." They all laugh, she doesn't.

    "Must be some rich Arabian dude's daughter. Probably wanted to get the ransom for her themselves." Says Sergio. "Sargent!" Exclaims The Director. "What? Nothing wrong with getting a reward for your hard work, just wish they'd share it with us is all." The Director doesn't respond. Private Adams asks "Hate to be the first to ask this but are we close?" The Director responds "Not particularly. It's about a days walk to the village. We'll have to take shelter near the mountain for the night.

    The five of them head up the mountain and find a cave. The next day The Director wakes up. Sergio and Arï are missing. "Hey! Where's Sergio and Arï?" Murphy wakes up as does Adams. "Sergio had last watch." Says Murphy. "Spread out and find them!" Orders The Director. They grab their weapons and head off in different directions. After some time The Director stumbles across them. Arï is squatting down behind a rock. Sergio stands guard facing the Director. "Said she had to go to the bathroom." "Do we have any toilet paper?" Asks Arï. "No." Replies Sergio. The Director responds, "You should have woken one of us to let us know." "We all needed the rest." He says. "Sir." The Director replies. "Huh?" Says Sergio. "We all needed the rest, sir." The Director says sternly. Sergio scuffs "Whatever, sir." He responds bluntly. The Director gets up in his face "Now you listen here Sergeant. I don't know if you've noticed but we're kinda in a life or death situation here. Only way people get out of these is with a bullet to the head or as a unified **** up force. In order to be that **** up force we need cohesion. Like a machine, -hey are you listening to me? See a man can't make it out of this, but a machine, one that does what it's told and acts like it's suppose to. That's the only thing that's gonna make it home."

    Sergio holds back his anger. "Okay, now let me tell you-" "uhh guys.." says Arï. Sergio holds up his hand to her. "Now you listen, I'm a soldier just like you, why should I-" "no seriously, guys!" She yells. "We don't have any toilet paper!" Yells back Sergio. "That's not it." She says pointing. Off in the distance, a white truck heads right for them. "****! Get down!" The Director says, taking cover behind the rocks with Sergio.

    "Maybe they didn't see us." Says Sergio. The truck unloads a barrage of bullets at the rocks. Bullets chip away at their cover, some zip by overhead. "****." Says Sergio. "Probably Taliban. We need that truck, shoot to kill but avoid the engine and wheels." Says the Director, he returns fire, unloading his pistol at the gunner. The truck veers left and makes a quick U turn, then unloads again on the rocks. "Don't let it get behind us!" Exclaims Sergio.

    It comes around for another attack but veers around quickly when a barrage of bullets hit near it coming from the top of the hill. "It's Murphy and Adams!" Exclaims Sergio, "they must know we need the truck. I've got an idea, pop some smoke." "What??" Asks The Director. "Just trust me, sir." He says.

    The Director throws two smoke screen canisters out into the open field. Unable to see the rocks, the gunner shoots randomly in all directions. "Wait here!" Says Sergio. Leaving his rifle behind, he crouch sprints into the smoke wielding a pistol in one hand and a knife in the other. As he reaches to end of the smoke he crouches low. Eventually the truck passes and he leaps into the bed of the truck. The gunner wipes his head around in confusion as Sergio shoots him in the head. Surprised, the driver and passenger pull out mini uzis and let off a barrage, shooting randomly. Sergio leaps from the bed of the truck, grabs onto the passenger door and stabs the passenger in the throat.

    Then, forcing himself into the car, he wrestles with the driver for a few seconds. The driver struggles to control the car while fighting him. Eventually the driver loses and is stabbed multiple times by Sergio. As he dies his foot goes limp and pushes the gas pedal to the floor. The truck heads full speed for the rocks where The Director and Arï are taking cover.

    "Sergio get out of there!" Screams the Director. Sergio looks and notices them. He locks eyes with Arï. To avoid hitting them he turns the wheel sharply to the right, the truck clips some of the medium sized rocks and flips over several times eventually landing on its side. Murphy and Adam's witness everything. "****." Says Adams in a low voice. Murphy rushes down the hill to the crash, medkit in hand. The Director rushes over as well.

    The truck is laying on its passenger side. Miraculously the driver door opens and Sergio climbs out. Murphy and The Director check him for injuries. "Not a scratch.." says Murphy "It's a miracle." Sergio shrugs his shoulders "Must be our lucky day boys." He says. The Director responds "Were you even wearing a seatbelt?" Sergio shrugs. Adams and Arï walk over. "This things trashed." Says Adams. "It's worth a try." Says the Director. They tie ropes to the driver side and the 4 of them pull hard enough on that side to bring it down to ground level.

    "Fingers crossed." Says the Director, attempting to start the ignition. The eminent sputters and starts with a loud bang. "**** yeah!" Exclaims Sergio. They all smile and rejoice. "Pile in." Says The Director "We're gonna make it."

    Sergio and Murphy jump into the bed of the truck. Adams and Arï sit in the front. The five of them drive towards the nearby village for many hours. "So Arï, you got any jokes?" Arï responds "Not really." Adams smiles "Wanna hear one!" Arï replies "Suuure.." Adams says "Did you hear about what happened to Bob??" Arï responds "No?" Adams shrugs "yeah, me neither." He smiles. They both laugh, "thats stupid!" Says Arï. The Director chuckles. "What do you call a camel without a hump?" Says Arï. Adams responds "A horse?" She smiles "Forever alone!" They all laugh. "Who told you that?" Asks Adams in a surprised tone. Arï responds "I made it up." "Liar!" Teases Adams, "I swear!" She exclaims.

    They chuckle, "Got any jokes Captain?" Asks Adams. The Director smiles "I got one but it's kinda long." Arï exclaims "tell it tell it!" The Director begins “So a Chinese guy gets a job at a gas station right? The manager tells him the list of things he needs him to do “okay so you’re in charge of the supplies, make sure all the aisles are well stocked while I’m gone, take out the trash, and clean the bathroom if you have time.” So the manager leaves for lunch and comes back an hour later, but he can’t find the new worker anywhere! He looks behind the register, he looks in the office, he looks in the bathrooms, but he simply can’t find him. Finally he opens the storage room door and the Chinese guy jumps out and yells “Supplies!”.”

    Adams and Arï begin laughing hysterically as the truck continues down the road. Eventually they reach the village. A group of armed civilians approach them; Sergio and Murphy take aim with their rifles while still in the truck bed. The leader of the village talks with The Director. He tells them they can stay the night and let them use their radio. He also informs them they’re lucky to have made it out of the desert alive because none return that go out there.

    The Sun begins to set. The Director and his team wash up and re bandage their wounds. Murphy takes a look at some of the children in the village to make sure they’re healthy. The village itself has a wall all the way around its perimeter. There are two entrances, one in the front and one in the back. The village has a few two story buildings but most of the homes are single story; except for the look out tower in the center of the city. Chickens and goats walk freely inside the walls; people mosey around not doing much, all in all there are about 100 people that live here. The Director and his team assemble in the lookout tower, the Director makes contact with the his commanding officer. “Affirmative sir we have the tier 1 asset, over.” Arï looks afraid, her eyes wide open. “Excellent captain. We’ll scramble multiple Ospreys and come get you. Just sit tight, eta 90 minutes, over.” "Copy that sir, Gray Squad over and out."

    The sun sets, The Director and his team relax inside the watch tower on the bottom floor. “Can’t believe all that happened back there sir. It doesn’t seem real.” Says Murphy. “I know what you mean, but it takes time to process.” Responds the Director. “Why me though? All those guys that died back there. I should’ve done something!” “Can’t feel guilty about surviving.” Says Sergio, “it happened the way it did, the way it was always going to.” “You don’t strike me as a man that believes in fate Sergio.” Says The Director. “It’s not fate Captain, it’s just the way things happen. The way I see it, if something bad can happen, it’ll find a way to happen.”
    Murphy looks at his hands “Yeah...maybe.”

    Pvt. Adams stands with the village guards at the top of the watch tower. He looks through his rifles scope and sees helicopters heading towards the village. “Captain, our rides here.” He says over the intercom. One of the guards points his mounted machine gun at the helicopters but Adams signals him not to. Sergio jumps out of his seat and grabs his gear, “that was quick,” he says “they must really want you safe Arï.” Arï says nothing. The Director looks at his watch, “****!” He exclaims “Adams get down here now!” He yells. Adams looks down over the railing at the top of the staircase, “what’d you say?” He asks making eye contact with The Director, “it’s been less than an hour! It’s not us!” Adam’s face turns to shock, suddenly fire engulfs everything behind him, The Director watches helplessly as Adams is flung over the railing. Some of the other railings break his fall but his body crashes onto the ground in front of them. His body engulfed in flames, he screams in raw pain. Everyone is shocked, Arï is crying.

    Thinking fast, The Director takes a blanket and smothers the fire, eventually patting it out with the help of Sergio. Murphy’s mouth is wide open, he’s paralyzed. Some civilian lay on the floor dead, suddenly one gunman opens fire on the helicopters with the machine gun but it’s no use. Another rocket is launched from the helicopter and destroys the top of the tower. Gunfire rains down on the city.

    Back at the bottom of the tower Adams still screams in pain. His body is badly burned and both his legs are broken. “Murphy!” The Director yells, “get over here!” “It shoulda it it shoulda-“ “MURPHY!!” Yells Sergio! “Get. The. ****. Over here!!” Murphy breaks down “we’re dead” he gets on the floor and rocks back and forth, “we’re all dead.” Gun fire can be heard in the background. Civilian soldiers rush to defend their village. Adams screams in pain, “God dammit Murphy!” The Director is about to get up and go over to Murphy when Arï puts her hand on his shoulder. “God didn’t do this.” She says looking at him, her eyes pierce right through him. The Director isn’t sure what to say. “Let me.” She says. She puts her hands on Adams. One hand on his chest, the other over his eyes. He still screams in pain but he calms down somewhat. “Calm down, you are with peace.” Everyone watches dumbfounded as Adams stops screaming. Suddenly Arï eyes open and glow a magnificent cyan blue. Murphy’s jaw drops, Sergio is taken back, The Director’s eyes widen and he leans in closer.

    “You are with peace. Go with peace. Be with peace.” Her eyes shut and she bows her head to his chest. No one says anything for several seconds, they all just look at each other. Eventually Murphy asks “ he dead?” Arï looks at him “He is at peace.” Gun fire rings in the background. “What. The. ****ing. ****.” Says Sergio.

    End Part 2.

    Part 3 of chapter 15 coming soon!
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    The Director and the rest of Gray Team gaze in amazement at Arï. After a few moments she opens her eyes; she notices them and looks away, embarrassed. She tries to make a run for the door but The Director grabs her by the arm stopping her. “What was that?!” He demands. “Get off me!” She screams. “Captain!” Yells Murphy, “Let her go.” The Director meets eyes with Murphy then complies and lets go of her. Gunfire rings in the background, “It’s getting closer.” Says Sergio pulling the drapes open slightly to see out the window. He sighs, grabs his gun, cocks it, and makes a B line for the door.

    “Where you think you’re going?” Says Murphy. Sergio doesn’t respond, “Hey! Hey!” Screams Murphy. The Director doesn’t stop him, Sergio whips the door open and leaves. “Captain, you just gonna let him leave on his own?!” The Director, deep in thought, snaps out of it and assesses the situation. Grabbing his assault rifle and extra ammo he says, “Stay her Murphy. Protect Arï.” Murphy nods. The Director heads outside towards the gunfire.

    The street is littered with bodies. Dozens of village guards have been slaughtered by the elite troopers. The Director finds Sergio taking cover behind a shallow brick wall. “Tangos to the east.” Says Sergio. They both unleash a barrage of gunfire. The troopers return fire, killing another village guard. The other guards become enraged and try to break cover to storm the enemy but the Director stops them, “Stop!” He orders, “stay in cover! You!” He points at one of them “get over here!” The guard complies by running and ducking over to them. “What?! What!?” Exclaims the frightened guard. Sergio returns fire. “We need to flank them. Do you know what that means!” Yells the Director over the gunfire. The guard replies “What?!?” A grenade explodes in front of them. “Jesus!!” Exclaims the Director. He grabs the guard by the shirt and pulls him in close, “take your friends around to the left, we’ll draw their fire. Shoot them when they’re facing us.” The guard replies “Okay, okay!”

    The Director moves to the right and takes cover behind a stone structure. Sergio throws a flashbang; the two of them unleash another barrage of bullets while the town guards scurry to the left. “Don’t let up!” Yells the Director. Sergio complies and fires short controlled bursts at the enemy’s direction. 12 elite troopers move up, the ones in the front have bulletproof shields. Some break from cover and return fire at the Director and Sergio. While the enemies focused on those two the village guards creep into position on the bordering street. They spread out and open fire on the squad, killing most of them. One of the elite troopers, lying wounded on the ground, throws a red flare onto the other side of the street. “Get out of there!!” Yells the Director.

    Buts it’s too late, gunfire engulfs the street. The attack helicopter decimates it killing all the guards. “****.” Says The Director. He takes aim and kills the wounded Russian. “We can’t let them through” he says. “Not sure we’ll have anything to say about it.” Replies Sergio, revealing his hand; it’s covered in blood. “You’re hit!” Exclaims The Director. “No ****.” Replies Sergio. The wound is in his his gut, one of the attack helicopters rounds went right through the stone wall and lodged itself into Sergio. The Director puts Sergio’s arm around him. “Let’s move!”

    Sergio groans. They make a run for the tower; dropping smoke bombs along the way. The enemy moves in on their location but take it slow because of the smoke screen. They hear the door to the tower shut. One of the soldiers motions to the others to head for the door and says something in Russian. One foot after the other they move in to the smoke screen. Some of the soldiers reach the door and begin to form up on each side to breach it. Suddenly, at the back of the enemy squad, Sergio and The Director stand up from lying flat on the ground. They stab two soldiers in throat and gently lay their bodies down. They move on to the next and then the next, stealthily taking down soldier after soldier. Finally, they reach the door. 4 enemies remain, 2 on either side of the door. The enemy soldiers have formed up; the soldier in the back each have their arms on the soldier in front of them. The smoke begins to clear. Thinking fast, the Director and Sergio each form up behind an enemy soldier and put their hands on the soldier in front of them.

    The leader of the squad holds out 3 fingers, then counts down with them: 3,2,1- Sergio and The Director kill each soldier in front of them. The two remaining soldier are shocked and spin around to engage them. The Director tackles the enemy captain to the ground before he can open fire on him. Sergio uses the solider he’s killed as a shield and pushes towards the enemy. He shoves the dead soldier into the Russian but he simply side steps Sergio and hits him with the end of his rifle. With Sergio lying on the floor, the elite trooper steps on Sergio’s throat and simultaneously opens fire on the Director. The Director rolls down the hill and away from the gunfire. Sergio (struggling to breathe) pushes the soldier’s foot to displace his aim. The Soldier, now even more angry, looks down at Sergio and smiles, then let’s off a few rounds into Sergio’s leg. “Noooo!” Screams The Director. The enemy captain (bruised and bloodied by The Director’s punches) slowly stands up and pulls out his pistol. They both open fire on the Director. Sergio exclaims “I’m gonna ****ing kill you!!” The soldier knocks him out with his rifle. Suddenly, the door to the tower opens and Murphy kills the soldier standing on Sergio, with a shotgun, he tries to kill the enemy captain but the captain quickly spins around and shoots Murphy in the arm. Murphy falls back inside the room and screams in pain, but closes the door using his feet. The Director yells at the captain “Over here *****!” The Captain turns around and opens fire on the Director’s position.

    The Director crouches and crawls from cover to cover, but the captain has a good vantage point on top of the hill and keeps him pinned. Suddenly another enemy squad of 12 arrives at the tower. The Director, pinned down and with no weapons, makes a run for the alley. The captain says something in Russian and gestures for the squad to go after him. They comply and half the men rush down the hill, including the beaten up captain.

    The remaining 6 Russians nod at each other and kick down the door to enter the tower. The Director, running as fast as he can, makes it to the marketplace. Women and children’s bodies lay everywhere around him. Gun fire rings behind him and he hides behind some of the market stalls. The soldiers fire indiscriminately at the marketplace hoping to kill him with luck. The captain orders them to spread out and search for him. The slowly move through the marketplace, scanning each aisle with their rifles. The captain, still with his pistol drawn, taunts the Director, “It’s foolish to run American. Come die with honor.” No response. “Isn’t that what you Americans go on and on about? Honor and integrity. Disgusting. You never have the stomach for it. You’ll never have what it takes to truly win!”

    “We win every time.” Says The Director as he throws a lit flare into the marketplace from a second story window. Horrified, some soldiers open fire on the window, others try to flee the court yard because the know what’s coming. The attack helicopter makes its run, slaughtering its own soldiers, it lets off a barrage of 50 caliber bullets on the marketplace. The Director emerges from the building. The enemy captain lay on ground, barely alive, he mutters “you...die..” he says right before he dies himself. The Director grabs multiple rifles and hurries back to the tower. He checks on Sergio and sees that he’s still breathing. He puts a turnoquotte on his leg then slowly enters the tower. Multiple dead Russians lay on the ground. One of them on top of Murphy. “Murphy!” He Exclaims, pulling the body off of him.

    But Murphy is dead. His body riddled with bullets; he sacrificed everything to protect her. Arï stands at the top of the steps overlooking The Director. “I couldn’t save them. I can’t save anyone.” The Director looks up at her “What the hell even are you?” He asks. She crosses her arms “My parents called me different and my village didn’t want me.” The Director gets closer to her, “Are you even human?” She nods. The Director looks around the room. “Whatever you are, my team died for you. We have to make it count, it has to mean something.” He takes her by the arm, “Come on.”

    They run outside, “keep going!” Orders the Director. “What about Sergio?!” She says as they run down the hill. The Director looks back but keeps moving “There’s nothing we can do for him.” The attack helicopters rain down hell on what’s left of the village; missiles and bullets engulf the largest buildings, setting everything on fire. Smoke stops Arï in her tracks, she coughs “I can’t breathe!” And begins choking. The Director slings his rifle around his shoulder then picks up Arï. “Cover your mouth with this!” He yells handing her a torn cloth. He covers his mouth as well and carries her toward the exit.

    As they make their way through the smoke they eventually reach a large hole in the wall that surrounds the village. As they make their way through they hear more helicopters. The Director, looking up says “Those ours! That’s our ride!” Sure enough, dozens of US helicopters fill the skies; they open fire on the Russian attack helicopters and down one immediately. The other enemy helicopters evade and use the smoke as cover. “We need to get their attention! Look for a flare!” Exclaims the Director. He puts Arï down and they search the dead bodies around them. Suddenly, the air battle picks up again and the Russians launch a counter attack. A handful of Russian soldiers on the ground fire rockets and the helicopters while simultaneously the enemy attack helicopters fire the last of their missiles. The US helicopters try and evade but 6 of them are hit. Some fall to the ground in flames, others rotors catch fire and begin spinning around unpredictably. “****!” Yells the Director, picking up Arï, he runs for some tall rocks to shield them from the crash. As they reach the rocks, one of the helicopters crashes directly into them. The rocks scatter and the Director and Arï are knocked backwards.

    The Director lays on his back, and loud ringing in his ears, he’s disorientated from the explosion. “Urgh, Ar-Ï..” He mutters, reaching his hand out toward her. Her eyes are closed and she’s not moving.Suddenly a truck pulls alongside Arï; a group of men wearing turbans leap out and inspect her. Some of the men, armed with AK-47s, point at Arï and then at the truck; all the men seem to be talking at once. As they argue, the men grab her and put her in the truck. The Director tries to crawl toward them, “N..o!” But he can barely speak, going in and out of consciousness, he raises one arm up, as the truck drives away his body goes limp and he passes out.

    (Part 3 will be continued soon)

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